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Folkcraft Players

We're offering a $25 Folkcraft gift card to anyone that answers four easy questions (below), and sends in a photo (of you with your Folkcraft or FolkRoots dulcimer). 

Send us a bio, or (even easier) the answers, in complete sentences, to the following four questions:

1) How long have you been playing the dulcimer?

2) When did you get your first Folkcraft dulcimer?

3) Where do you enjoy playing your dulcimer?


4) What do you like to do besides playing your dulcimer?

featured dulcimer player
Sample Photo

Email your answers and photo to, or text the answers and photo to 317-539-1855. Be sure to include your name!

Thanks, Y'all!

Richard Ash

Folkcraft Players

Andrea Stader dulcimer player
Andrea Stader

tom jeanne bossardet bio pic
Tom And Jeanne Bossardet

gary brunk with dulcimer
Gary Brunk

mary ellen lounsbery folkcraft player
Mary Ellen Lounsberry

susie curtis
Susan Curtis

julie ted jones bio pic
Ted And Julie Jones

david hooten bip page pic
David Hooten

andrew gordon
Andrew Gordon

belinda with dulcimer
Belinda Link

gary bentley
Gary Bentley

ken longfield player page
Kenneth Longfield

annette sheffield bio pic
Annette Sheffield

janice kincaid player page
Janice Kincaid

laura bell bio pic
Laura Bell

alan richter  player page
Alan Richter

 george haggerty player page
George Haggerty

Dale Jablonski Player Page
Dale Jablonski

mike anderson hugo kringle with folkroots dulcimer
Mike Anderson

Glynda Willis

sam edelston player page
Sam Edelston

pat forest folkcraft player
Pat Forest

Kelly Sasman

Toya Koch with dulcimers

thomasina levy player page

Jessie Oldham Folkcraft players

bill cole pic