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Matthew Walworth

matthew walsworth featured folkcraft player

Folkcraft: How long have you been playing the dulcimer?

Matthew: I first got my hands on a dulcimer in the late 1980's. It was a very traditional instrument built by Raymond Layne of Berea, Kentucky in 1975. A short while later I purchased a cherry and spruce Blue Lion which was my main instrument for many years. Then, as luck would have it, I ordered a kit for an all-walnut instrument from McSpadden that arrived in March of 2020. So you know what I did during the pandemic lock-down.

Folkcraft: When did you get your first Folkcraft dulcimer?

Matthew: I got my walnut and spruce Folkcraft chromatic as a 60th birthday present in March of 2021. It's been a lot of fun learning the ins and outs of the chromatic instrument.

Folkcraft: Where do you enjoy playing your dulcimer?

Matthew: Over the years I have played a couple of times at church. I also love attending the Colorado Dulcimer Festival where I have played in the dulcimer orchestra and the contra dance band. Other than that I play for my own enjoyment.

Folkcraft: What other hobbies, or interests, do you have besides playing dulcimer?

Matthew: My wife would tell you that there are too many to count. I have a collection of musical instruments that includes brass, woodwinds, a variety of strings (ukes, bowed psaltery, hammered dulcimer, etc.) and several keyboards. Most of which I can at least make a noise on, and many of which I am somewhat proficient with. I also like to knit and crochet by hand, and machine, and I dabble in electronics and retro computers among other things.