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Folkcraft Instruments Endorsing Artists

Many of the world's finest musicians have chosen Folkcraft Instruments over the years. They chose the tradition (Handmade In The USA Since 1968), the craftsmanship (innovation in design, solid woods, and attention to detail), and most importantly, the tone quality.

With over 50 years of dulcimer-building experience, we've figured out how to make a great-sounding instrument. Warm tone, with a big voice, and sustain that seems to last forever.

The people that choose our instruments range from the newest beginner, taking the recommendation of a trusted friend or teacher, all the way through the spectrum to the most highly-regarded professional musicians that we all admire.

Folkcraft has a small roster of "endorsing artists". These are musicians that we trust with our best instruments, our reputation, and our livelihoods. Performers that demand the very best dulcimers available, and get them from Folkcraft Instruments. Our "endorsing artist" roster is not at all representative of the vast array of professional musicians that choose Folkcraft dulcimers - they're the most visible "tip of the iceberg". We're proud of each and every player, regardless of experience or fame, that chooses to make music with one of our instruments.

We've provided links to each artist's YouTube channel - if you want to hear some Folkcraft Instruments dulcimers in action, spend some time with the artists on YouTube - you'll have fun, learn something, and have a greater appreciation for the variety of music that can be made with a handcrafted mountain dulcimer.

Bing Futch
- Website - YouTube Channel
Click here to watch Bing's May, 2022 Livestream Interview


Wendy Songe - Website - YouTube Channel


John Keane and Karen Keane - YouTube Channel


Dave Haas Folkcraft instruments

Dave Haas - Website - YouTube Channel


mandy tyner dulcimer photo

Mandy Tyner - Website - YouTube Channel


carol walker photo

Carol Walker - Website - YouTube Channel