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Sue Lander

Sue lander folkcraft player

Folkcraft: How long have you been playing the dulcimer?  

Sue: I built my first dulcimer when I was in college (53 years ago).  It wasn't a work of art, but it was fun to play.

Folkcraft: When did you get your first Folkcraft dulcimer? 

Sue: I bought my first Folkcraft instrument, a LAP-JO, in 2019.  I finally upgraded from my homemade dulcimer and got a Folkcraft dulcimer in 2020.  In 2023, I wanted a dulcimer with a 1.5 fret, so I had a dulcimer made out of a beautiful 100-year-old piece of Black Walnut wood that was given to me.

Folkcraft: Where do you enjoy playing your dulcimer?  

Sue: I most enjoy playing my dulcimer at home to inspire creativity, ground me, and feed my soul.

Folkcraft: What do you like to do besides playing your dulcimer? 

Sue: I believe the ingredients to a quality life are chocolate, giving back to the community, and enjoying the beauty of nature.  So my favorite activities are baking, doing community volunteering, hiking, and photography.

Thanks for the gorgeous instruments you create,