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Folkcraft Affiliate Program

For over fifty years, Folkcraft has relied on referrals from customers to stay in business. You've been evaluating your purchases - value, quality, and service - and then sending your friends to us when they need one of our products.

Thank you. We couldn't have made it this far without you!

How would you like to turn your referrals into a few extra dollars? Something to benefit your wallet, or your club's account, or your favorite charity's coffers?

Now you can!

Sign up for our affiliate program. When someone asks for a recommendation (on Facebook, in your club, or elsewhere), give them your unique referral link. Any online sale that comes from that link (for the following seven days) will earn a five percent commission for you. 

Your link sells a $10 string set? Fifty cents. $50 worth of books? Two-and-a-half dollars. A $1000 dulcimer? Fifty dollars. We make payments to you via PayPal (don't sign up if you don't have a PayPal account!) every month.

There are no fees for you to sign up, or for you to use this program. Our affiliate program benefits everyone involved: 1)The buyer (the person that benefits from your expertise) gets a product recommendation from someone that they trust. 2) The referrer (you!) receives a percentage of the buyer's purchase. 3) And Folkcraft Instruments gets to help yet another dulcimer player with the right choice in a strap, case, string set, book, or instrument.

Here's the link where you can sign up:

Folkcraft Affiliate Program

Questions? Contact Folkcraft via email:

Thank you - happy referring!

Richard Ash