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Design Your Own Mountain Dulcimer

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Since our mountain dulcimers are all handmade, we're happy to build your next custom dulcimer just the way YOU want it. From our entry-level Folkcraft FSH Series and FolkRoots D Series dulcimers, to the fancier FolkRoots H Series dulcimer, all the way through to our spectacular Folkcraft Custom Series dulcimers, the choices are all yours. Design your ideal instrument, and let us build it just for you!

If you're a dulcimer expert, then making great choices for your next custom-made dulcimer is easy. You know and understand all the options, and can make the best choice for your style of playing. But if you're a regular, normal (non-expert) dulcimer player, you might find the choices to be bewildering. We're here to help, of course, but you might find these resources to be really helpful.