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Dorothy Miner

dorothy miner featured folkcraft player

Folkcraft: How long have you been playing the dulcimer?

Dorothy: I’m a relative newbie to playing the dulcimer.  I’ve only been playing for three years, but I’ve been fascinated by the dulcimer (and other folk instruments) forever.  I took up playing the dulcimer when a friend played hers at my church and she convinced me that I could learn. She got me started and I’ve been playing ever since.

Folkcraft: When did you get your first Folkcraft dulcimer?

Dorothy: My first dulcimer was a relatively inexpensive Roosbeck that I bought on line.  It was a good learner instrument and it got me hooked.  I told myself that if I was still playing it in a year I would get a quality dulcimer.  A year later I did just that - I bought a Folkroots all-cherry dulcimer that I love.  It’s simple in design, but elegant in its simplicity and it feels great in my hands.  I’ll be getting my new custom-made Folkcraft dulcimer in a few months.

Folkcraft: Where do you enjoy playing your dulcimer?

Dorothy: My favorite place to play my dulcimer is in my “do stuff” room that is set up for art projects and music.  My favorite audience consists of my three dogs, one of whom is deaf.  The two younger ones curl up by my feet as I play.  The deaf one checks in periodically.  I also play with a local group in Lima, Ohio: the “Dulcimer Divas,”   We meet weekly and we play at local nursing homes, churches, one of the area hospitals, and anywhere else that wants us.  Recently we have started joining up with a few other dulcimer groups in the area for occasional jams.

Folkcraft: What are your other hobbies and interests?

Dorothy: My other interests include dog training, reading, painting and drawing, and going to antique stores and flea market/junk shops to find odd little doodads and whatchamacallits to decorate my barn.  I also love to wander around my property checking on what’s beginning to grow or bloom and what critters have been hanging around.