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Design Your Own Folkcraft DulciVox Pro

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This instrument was named the DulciVox because it has a big, sweet voice, like that of a great singer. Thus the "Vox" part of the name - "Vox" is the Latin word for "voice".

The Folkcraft DulciVox is available in two varieties - the "Pro" version, available here for $1495 (plus options, if chosen), and the DulciVox "Standard", available on this page for $1195.

These two instruments are identical, except that the Pro version has a built-in Fishman passive under-saddle pickup, and the Pro version has an ebony fretboard. Both versions of the Folkcraft DulciVox have tapered fretboards - higher at the nut than at the bridge - which allows the bridge and saddle to be at the optimum height for sound and tone, while still allowing a standard capo to be used at frets one, three, and four. We also undercut the fretboard beneath the last four frets, allowing the top to vibrate more freely.

The benefits of a Folkcraft DulciVox over a traditional dulcimer? This instrument has more power, more sustain, and an amazingly sweet voice. We accomplished this by having a bridge that wasn't built in to the fretboard - this allows the top to vibrate more freely. By bracing (internally) this instrument like a traditional guitar, volume and sustain were both dramatically increased.

The Folkcraft DulciVox is new for 2024, and we'll be adding photos as the first of the production instruments are completed in April, 2024. For now, you get a video of one of the final prototype versions - this will give you a great idea what to expect when your Folkcraft DulciVox is delivered.

For both the Standard and Pro versions, we've chosen mahogany and spruce as the woods, and won't be offering other options for wood choices. With the internal bracing featured on this dulcimer, we're offering only the "Classic F" sound hole option.

With this Pro version of the DulciVox, you can choose the highest fret (either fret 14, or fret 17 for players that want the higher notes available), fret pattern (diatonic in various flavors, or chromatic), fret wire, and machine head finishes. You can also choose the string setup - three strings, four strings (double melody), or four strings equidistant. An upgrade from the Fishman passive pickup to the Fishman Matrix Pickup with the Prefix Pro Blend preamp is also available.

Woods used
Back, sides, head, fretboard: African mahogany
Top: Sitka spruce
Internal bracing: Sitka spruce
Fretboard veneer: ebony

VSL (scale length): 25"
Fretboard width: 1 1/2"
Side height: 2 1/4"
Overall: 38 1/2" x 12" x 3 1/4"
Body: 31" x 12" x 2 1/2"

Nut, bridge, frets
Micarta nut and saddle material
Diatonic frets, plus 1 1/2, 6 1/2, 8 1/2, and 13 1/2, with fret 14 being the highest fret. (An extended fretboard, with frets 15 through 17 added, is available for $65, and chromatic frets are available for $50)
Nickel silver fret wire, standard size (EVO and stainless steel fret wire available upon request)

Fishman AG-Series Passive Undersaddle Pickup (Fishman Matrix pickup with Prefix Pro Blend preamp available for $350)
Traditional flat head
Enclosed gear tuners, black finish (gold and chrome machine heads available for no charge)

Also included
Strap buttons
Padded case with shoulder strap (we can embroider your name on the case for $30)

And here's a video of Bing Futch (Folkcraft Endorsing Artist) playing prototype number three of this instrument. The instruments we ship (the latest versions) will have a few refinements, but will look substantially like the instrument in the photo. The only big visual difference will be that the Folkcraft DulciVox in this video has an ebony fretboard veneer, which is only available on the DulciVox Pro.

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