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Design Your Own Folkcraft® Resonator Dulcimer

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Here's your opportunity to design your very own Folkcraft Resonator Dulcimer. With a full-size aluminum cone (hidden beneath the chrome-plated steel cover plate), this instrument is powerful, loud, and good-looking! We usually set these up with a six-slot nut - three high slots (so you can use a glass or steel slide) and three low slots (so you can play your resonator like a "normal" dulcimer). Our resonator dulcimers have a scale length (VSL) of 23".

Each of our handmade dulcimers comes with our padded handmade resonator dulcimer case, made here in the Folkcraft workshop. Our rigid case, which offers more protection, is available for an upcharge. Strap buttons are also included.

There are a lot of options to choose when designing an instrument for us to make for you. We have a reference/resource page here, and you're always welcome to contact us for help and guidance in making great choices.

Ready for some fun? Customize your own Folkcraft resonator dulcimer today!

Please allow us three to four months for shipping on your custom-built instrument.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chuck Koch
Resonator Dulcimer

I received my Resonator Dulcimer a few weeks back. I love it. It is a beautiful instrument. The tone and sustain are amazing. I can play along side a guitar and I can be heard...strumming chords or picking out melody or instrumental breaks. I played at a small performance last night along side a guitar and another fellow Folkcraft MD and all agreed the blending of the instruments mixed with our different playing style (guitar strumming, MD picking melody and chords, and me on the Resonator finger picking notes and chords "banjo style")...sounded great. I had a small learning curve as my old MD didn't have a 1 1/2 fret...but I feel I have overcame that and love having the fret. (No more capo for me!!). I still have not progressed to raise to the higher action for "sliding", but I can't wait to realize what all "Darling" can do! Richard built a great instrument and was awesome to work with. It is true this instrument is a little higher than the standard MD...but it is worth it for its versatility. It still has a nice pretty sound (varies depending on how close to the resonator you pick). I can play bare finger (no picks) if in small setting or with MD's only (so I don't drown them out)...or I can play with picks and hold my own with the guitar/mandolin, etc. Of course...I had the Fishman Pickup put on my mine but I haven't had a chance to use that yet....but...maybe tomorrow night at "open mic night"?? Thank you Richard and Folkcraft for a new lifetime investment. Five Stars!!

E Derryck Settles
Custom Resonator Dulcimer

I am exceedingly happy and satisfied with the custom resonator I received recently; well worth the wait. The craftsmanship, quality and tone are terrific; all my expectations have been met, even exceeded. And, it's FUN to play!!!