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Folkcraft® Black Walnut Teardrop Dulcimer Kit, 27" VSL

Item Number 2310155

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Become your own luthier! Our Folkcraft teardrop dulcimer kit for sale is made of black walnut and is the perfect project. Create a beautiful instrument that has rich mellow tones and by design emphasizes lower frequencies creating a deeper bass sound. Perform all your favorite tunes for your family and friends on your hand crafted teardrop dulcimer.
Our teardrop dulcimer kits for sale are ready to assemble, all hardware, essentials and easy-to-follow instructions are included. You will need a few hand tools, as well as wood glue and finishing material; a complete list of needed items is provided in the instructions. Order your Folkcraft teardrop dulcimer kit today!

This dulcimer kit features a fretboard with a 1 3/8" width, and a 27" VSL (scale length, or Vibrating String Length).

Customer Reviews

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Craig Campbell
Not impressed

I ordered a Walnut dulcimer kit that came with the wrong length sides. They were too long. I spoke to Richard on the phone about the issue and I informed him that the original dulcimer scroll, sides, heel cap and tail block had been glued together. This involved permanently attaching the gluing wedges during the process. He apologized and immediately sent a new scroll, the proper length sides, and a tail block. No gluing wedges or heel cap were included in the second package. This project should have been completed by now but instead I find myself back at square one without all of the necessary parts. This was supposed to be a nice quick project. I’m not impressed with my first Folk Craft experience.

Craig Campbell
Wrong Parts

I received my hourglass walnut kit and assembled the sides to the tail and scroll. That’s when I realized the fingerboard was 5/8” too short for proper placement. I talked to Richard on the phone and he determined that the sides I received were too long. He immediately sent a new scroll, tail and sides at no charge. The only problem is my having to restart the build from step one. Also, the instructions are pretty horrible and need to be rewritten. Richard was great to work with and I look forward to the build.

Martha Robinson
Walnut dulcimer kit review

The quality of the kit is good, but my husnand struggling in cutting out the top and bottom. The utility knife is not working for him. It would have been helpful to have a video but we are persevering on.
Martha Robinson


Hello, from Japan. This is my second DIY dulcimer. The kit contained pretty beautiful wood material, such as a dead straight finger board, beautiful book matched and figured cherry top. I modified head shape, added abalon fret markers, 1.5 fret, kerfing, back brace and gecko shaped sound holes. Finished with Watoco oil narural twice and polished with bees wax. Speaking modestly, this is a beautiful dulcimer kit and beyond the price.

Arthur C.
Folkcraft Black Walnut Teardrop Dulcimer Kit

This kit has everything you need to make a nice teardrop dulcimer except supplies like glue, sandpaper and finishing products. I took my time and made it over the course of a week, but it could be done quicker. The instruction sheets could be improved, so they should be read thoroughly before you start, with common sense applied, and you can call for clarifications if needed, as I did. It comes with all the parts you need, but of course the end product depends on your skills and patience. I did enjoy building it. I think anyone would benefit from the experience.