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Folkcraft® Black Walnut Hourglass Dulcimer Kit

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Have you ever dreamed of building a fine musical instrument, but don't have the time (or the tools) to prepare the wood for assembly? We can help you fulfill your dream with the Folkcraft black walnut dulcimer kit!

Folkcraft hourglass dulcimer kits are ready to assemble. All of the hardware (machine heads, nut, bridge, end pins, strings) is included; the sides are already bent; the scroll head is shaped, routed, and drilled; the fretboard is already fretted (by the same luthiers that build the world famous Folkcraft and FolkRoots dulcimers); the wood has all been sanded to at least 120 grit; and detailed instructions are included with every kit.

You will need a few hand tools (a knife, a drill, a hammer, a screwdriver), sandpaper, and wood glue to assemble your hourglass dulcimer. For finishing, we recommend either polyurethane or a Danish oil.

Folkcraft walnut dulcimer kits are enjoyed by hobbyists, and by recreational builders everywhere. Folkcraft dulcimer kits are sold (in large quantities, year after year) to professional dulcimer builders who assemble and finish the instruments themselves, selling the completed dulcimers at festivals and in their own shops.

So whether you're looking to spend a few relaxing weekends building an heirloom instrument that will be treasured by your family for generations, or you're looking for a new business opportunity, you've found what you need - a Folkcraft hourglass dulcimer kit!

This dulcimer kit features a fretboard with a 1 3/8" width, and a 27" VSL (scale length, or Vibrating String Length).

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
allan murray

Just finished Step 7 a few minutes ago. Kit builds easily and parts fit well.

Virgil Davis
Good product

I bought the kit for my Granddaughter, She likes woodworking and music so it was a special project. The kit was good and we did get it done. It turned out fine and she really enjoyed putting it together. The only negative I have is the instructions. The were not easy to follow and not complete. I think the instructions could have been more detailed and improved. A video would really be nice. The gluing was the hardest part. I don't think we put enough glue on the sides. the kit also could use a template for the sizing of the project.

Aaron Faulkner
Fantastic kit!!!

Where to even begin? It’s probably safe to say I’m a level below “amateur” woodworker, so this kit offered an exciting challenge. I was worried about the quality of the sound hole appearance if I cut them, so I contacted the Folkcraft team and Richard setup to have my design laser-cut on the sound board! I also wanted a larger scale fret board (I have long thing fingers). These options were a minimal cost added to the price, and again Richard for the win! The wood is very high quality. All the pieces are cut with precision, and the instructions are really easy to follow. The only even remotely non-extraordinary thing I’d say if that I would liked to have had the option for the California size dulcimer and maybe a Galax back. This kit, while robust, requires patience to achieve great results. The old adage “measure twice, cut once” is certainly applicable. Cannot praise the kit and the Folkcraft team enough!!!!!!

Diana Peterson
Great gift!

I bought this for my husband and he has enjoyed the kit very much! He has done wood working most of his life. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 4 yrs ago and his fine motor movement has slowly decreased. With the kit he has been able to build the Dulcimer without having to do some of the finer detail work, it’s been perfect for him. Thank you for this option for him to continue his craft, we greatly appreciate it. Tom and Diana Peterson

Craig Ensey
The best kit on the market

Sooo, a couple years ago,, My dad said he wanted to build a "dulcimer" to sit next to his jaw dropping Stewmac guitar. I had no clue what a dulcimer was, but I looked it up and liked the folk feel to dulcimers. Long story short, I picked up an Apple creek hourglass online and, with great excitement, I learned Amazing Grace in an afternoon.
.....I WAS HOOKED! I love(d) the fact that dulcimer doesn't require a lot of time or skill to learn like guitar. A few months later, I was given a handmade dulcimer from Dad's shop for Christmas. The hourglass dulcimer I ended up with was initially a walnut hourglass, but he changed it to Spanish cedar on the top and bottom. He also did mahogany binding to make it pop a little bit more. The kit didn't have any sort of binding. After learning to play a couple years ago, I can easily play a handful of
hymns and, of course Dixie, cause every dulcimer player should know a few tunes from the 1850's. After the inspiration from the Folkcraft Hourglass (as custom as it was), he has since built five or six custom dulcimers, and I just completed my first scratch built teardrop two weeks ago. It was a very fulfilling project that tested my abilities. This year, I've picked up a walnut hourglass kit for my 12 yr old son to build with his grandfather. I highly recommend going with folkcraft dulcimers. Also, the hourglass and teardrops have distinctly different sounds it's a good idea to try one of each at a music store before making your choice and purchasing.