String Winder

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There isn't a player out there that doesn't know how it feels to wind new strings onto their axe by turning the tuners with their fingers. It is a long process that leaves your fingers too tired to even play the thing when you're done! That is why this little gadget is a life (and finger) saver. Place it on the tuners, turn it, and let it do the tedious job of winding the string. This tool is a necessity for any musician's tool kit. Hey, save your fingers for the music. Try one!
Please note: our string winder comes to us in a variety of colors, chosen by the manufacturer. Our product photograph shows a yellow string winder, but we may send you a different color, depending upon availability.

When people think of heirloom-quality instruments, they think of Folkcraft.

Here's why: Folkcraft instruments are handmade in the United States of America, not in a cheap overseas factory. Our instruments are hand crafted one at a time, not on an assembly line. Our instruments are made of solid woods, not out of plywood.
dulcimer wall at folkcraft instrumentsFolkcraft instruments are made with pride and tradition, using the same methods as our founders used in 1968. Folkcraft Instruments is a family business, with a father/son team putting their skill and experience into every instrument they create.

“Handmade in the USA since 1968.” It's not only a slogan, but your assurance that you are playing the best folk instruments ever made. People choose Folkcraft for our deep-rooted tradition in quality, pure acoustic tone, and the simple joy that is brought from playing the instrument.

We put our heart and soul into every instrument we make – a technique that began nearly 50 years ago and is proudly maintained today. Go ahead and play one. We think you'll find your own heart and soul going into the music you create on a Folkcraft.

Folkcraft Instruments. Handmade. One at a time. For you.

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