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Herdim Pick, 3-In-1 Sampler Pack (Four Of Each Color)

Item Number 2300770

Regular price $14.00

Can't decide which color/gauge to try? Get a sampler pack. Four of each thickness, twelve picks total.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Rand
Handy Set of Picks!

I am just in the beginning of my dulcimer playing journey, having only bought my dulcimer in December 2023 after stumbling into it at a guitar store. I had a lesson on the dulcimer back in April, and she had shown me her Herdim pick. She let me use it as she was teaching me basic strumming techniques. What l like about its design is its wide triangular shape, and it seems to have an easier grip than a standard guitar pick. These are a worthwhile investment!

Bill Hunicke
Herdim Picks

I like the Herdim picks. I especially like playing with the blue pick.

Easy, easier picks to hold

I am always looking for picks that are easier to hold. These did just that. It took me a few tries to get used to the “longer” length while picking, but worth the time. Larger wide base and the Friction pad helps with the easy to hold need I have.

Arthur C.
Herdim Nylon Pick, 3-In-1 Style, Medium Red, 12 Pack

These are the only picks I use. I find them good and have no reason to buy more expensive ones. They wear well and will last a long time.

Lynn Greer
Herdim Pick, 3-In-1 Sampler Pack (Four Of Each Color)

Love these picks, very easy to hold, they dont slip out of your fingers. I prefer these over any others.