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Bakers Dozen volume 4 Shaker Music

Well written easy tab to play! Some not-so-familiar songs to learn too. A good thing!

Bakers Dozen volume 7 Dulci-Merry Christmas #2

Good mix of holiday favorites, easy tab to play or embelish.

Bakers Dozen volume 2 Fiddle Tunes

Well written! Many of these fiddle tunes are familiar and can be used in dulcimer jam sessions anywhere. Easy tab to play.

Bakers Dozen volume 3 Old Time Songs

Very well written! Many of these songs can be used in jam circles anywhere in the dulcimer community throughout the country. Nice easy to follow tab.

Bakers Dozen volume 1 Celtic

Well written book! Some familiar tunes some not. All done in an easy to play tab.

Second Saturday Clinic With Bing Futch, July 13, 2024
Dan King

Bing always comes through wiith his teaching,his kind spirt and openess.Thank you


Great tunes to go over and play!!

Herdim picks

This assortment of picks is a good value. I like that I can find the one that works best for me and I have extras to share.

Our rosette was used as decoration for a newly built wooden table lamp. It looks lovely.

Not impressed

I ordered a Walnut dulcimer kit that came with the wrong length sides. They were too long. I spoke to Richard on the phone about the issue and I informed him that the original dulcimer scroll, sides, heel cap and tail block had been glued together. This involved permanently attaching the gluing wedges during the process. He apologized and immediately sent a new scroll, the proper length sides, and a tail block. No gluing wedges or heel cap were included in the second package. This project should have been completed by now but instead I find myself back at square one without all of the necessary parts. This was supposed to be a nice quick project. I’m not impressed with my first Folk Craft experience.

Lots of thumbs up!

My dulcimer group loves all of Shelley’s tab and is thankful that Folkcraft is offering it.

DulciVox Pro

The DulciVox is all I dreamed it would be. It has the tone and volume I’ve been looking for and it is able to cut through on solos even when jamming with guitars and other instruments. Paired with a McCafferty capo for shallow fretboards it is now my go-to jamming instrument. The plugged-in tone is pretty good, too

Second Saturday Clinic With Bing Futch, July 13, 2024
Lucy Frazier-Wallace
Seemed simple to sign up.

I don’t remember having any issues with signing up for the clinic.

FolkRoots® D Series Dulcimer, Walnut Body, Cherry Top
Gerald Sahr
My new dulcimer

I'm not a musician and I can't read music only play songs that I know the how they sound and I do enjoy my new dulcimer

L.R. Baggs 1.5 inch pickup

It is a nice compact little pickup with plenty of wire for any design.

Aaron O'Rourke Faster, Cleaner, Better

I have just started the exercises and I think it is going to improve my playing.

Dave Haas - Let's Jam!
Colleen Biddulph
Let’s Jam Dave Hass

Nice selection of songs and there are a lot of them. I am a beginner but there are many that I can play. It comes with two CD’s so ample opportunity to practice “jamming”.

Folkcraft® FSH Series Dulcimer, Walnut Body, Walnut Top
Paul Van Steenberghe
FSH Solid Walnut with 1.5, 6.5, …

What can I say, the instrument is beautiful looking, sounding, and crafted. This is actually my second folkcraft instrument. I bought the first one just a month earlier and was so taken by again it’s beauty craftsmanship and sound that I decided to try the Kentucky style instead of the California style, which was the style of my first instrument. Anyone looking for a mountain Dalsimer shouldn’t hesitate to buy from folkcraft. They also have excellent service and a great guy to talk to on the phone if you give them a call.

Wrong Parts

I received my hourglass walnut kit and assembled the sides to the tail and scroll. That’s when I realized the fingerboard was 5/8” too short for proper placement. I talked to Richard on the phone and he determined that the sides I received were too long. He immediately sent a new scroll, tail and sides at no charge. The only problem is my having to restart the build from step one. Also, the instructions are pretty horrible and need to be rewritten. Richard was great to work with and I look forward to the build.

Excellent Noter

I bought this for my 6 year old to use while learning play the dulcimer. It is the perfect size for a sure hold while gliding across the melody string.

Compact No-Slip Material

The material is strong and lightweight. It is made out of a material that I've seen used as drawer liners. It works great and folds down small for easy storage.

Bowed Psaltery Plan
Caleb Morris
Bowed Psaltery

The bowed psaltery plan was excellent. The details for each design element was helpful and clear.

Folkcraft® Fret Wire, Four Feet

Second Saturday Clinic With Bing Futch, July 13, 2024
Marilyn Rismondo
Bing is a wonderful player and teacher

Bing is a wonderful performer and teacher. I always learn some staging from his classe. He is patient with advanced players and beginners alike. Very entertaining. I always enjoy taking his classes and listening to his performances. You will never be bored or intimidated.

A look into a different society

For many people "Simple Gifts" is their only experience with Shaker music. Although "Simple Gifts" is excellent music, it is not a good introduction to Shaker music. Shaker music has a rhythm that is different from the old time music commonly played in dulcimer groups. Spend some time just playing the melody to get the feel for the timing differences in Shaker music and you will be able to take a quick journey into Shaker life and times.