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Roller wound brass strings

These are by far the best bass strings I've ever played in my 23 years of dulcimer playing! No squeaks when sliding and they last a LONG time before going dead. I highly recommend them!

Simple Plan with Folkcraft parts

I purchased the plans for the Simple Dulcimer, the walnut fretboard, the walnut scroll head and a package of hardware. I had to modify the plan slightly to fit the parts, but it all went together nicely. It looks and plays very good. Everything I bought was great quality. I made the back and sides walnut and top cedar.

looks like a good starting place. Would buy again.


I am fairly new to chord style playing and this book is very accessible! Some of the tunes require a bit more practice, but the arrangements are wonderful!


This is my first book of tab from Tull and I absolutely love it! It sounds awesome when our quartet plays these tunes. Thank you for such beautiful arrangements!

Bing Futch - Method For Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer

Dulcimer construction.

All items received did an excellent job job helping me complete my last dulcimer. I appreciate the ease in which I could place my order on line.

Splendid Christmas Arrangements

A friend invited me to play with her using a new book she’d purchased. I loved the harmonious parts of beloved Christmas carols! 3 & 4 parts sound so lovely together.

Good String Source

Folkcraft had some hard to find strings for an instrument from 1894. It's still a work in progress.
Fast shipping and good service. I'll be back for sure.

What a pleaseure!

This instrument is a pleasure to play! I am a non-musician in a family of classical musicians. The series of videos showing how to build this kit are extremely helpful as they demonstrate what would be hard to show in print. I polyurethaned the fret board and painted the cardboard with a can of "old gold" paint before gluing the fretboard on (masking out the glue area on both) and the result is beautiful. In my retirement I am now learning to play an instrument for the first time in my life using this dulcimer and loving it!

FolkRoots® D Series Dulcimer, Walnut Body, Walnut Top
Mike Roy
Folkroot Mountain dulcimer

I don't do many reviews for anything, but I feel this one is worth my time.
This dulcimer is my second dulcimer. I wanted a dulcimer that's worth my money and time to learn to play. (BTW I'm an old man that wants something to carry with him for the rest of his life. I have no musical background other than loving music) so, in all my years of life, I've learned one thing, you get what you pay for.
A good quality instrument, or anything for that matter will carry you further and with less frustration. So in short, that's why I bought this one and I have no regrets. Hopefully one day, I learn how to play proficiently, and I'll be happy to buy another instrument from folkcraft Instruments.

Simple Plan with modifications

I ordered the Simple Dulcimer plan. My woodworking skills are moderate, but I was able to adapt it to a shorter fret board that I also got here and use a scroll head. All the things I got from Folkcraft worked and looked good. The bottom, sides and fret board are walnut; the top is cedar. It plays and sounds good.

Parlor guitar plan

Great set of plans!

Teardrop Dulcimer Plan

Wishing it had at least a minor amount of instructions or ideas in the form of a small pamphlet or something. You get exactly what the picture shows (I should have realized that), as a novice woodworker it's overall pretty unhelpful.

Great Collection of Tunes!

This is a wonderful collection of tunes from Jay Unger Molly Mason. This is going to be fun getting to know these tunes on the mountain dulcimer!

The Banjammer Book by Aaron O'Rourke

Don't sell your banjammer yet until you read this book! I found this book to be excellent. The information was really helpful and even told with a sense of humor! The tab and music have been written large enough for me to see compared to other books that I have. All in all I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to sound like a banjo.
Vickey Sasser

Mountain dulcimer string set

I have purchased several of these sets for the great sound and the durability. I've never broken one string. I am currently using them on traditional walmut dulcimers producing the best sound ever. I can recommend them.

Design Your Own FolkRoots® D Series Mountain Dulcimer

Could not be happier with my Beautiful Sounding as well as looking Mountain Dulcimer. The company stays in touch with you along the process and are super courteous and polite. There are also many helpful learning sources available to you from them. I named my new dulcimer Georgie Boy.



Folkcraft Custom Dulcimer

I cannot be more satisfied with my custom dulcimer. The sound is terrific and resonates for a long time. Very mellow, no break-in necessary. The finish is great and shows the care and expertise Richard used in building it

machine heads, open gears, bone color

I have used these Folkcraft machine heads over several years on dulcimers I have built and on one I modified with a four set with good results. I have some a set this moment ready to install on a dulcimer I working on. I've had no problems and would recomend them.

Good strings

I ordered replacement strings from Folkcraft. They arrived promptly and were easy to install. They sound great.

Quick Release Strap

Love this strap and it is just the right size for my smaller dulcimer. Very happy with it.

Maureen Sellers - Simply Christmas

Dulcimer Capo
Karron Lee
Perfect Fit

Best capo for the mountain dulcimer. Well made for a descent price!