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Folkcraft® Rosette, Flowering Sun, Walnut, 2 3/16" Diameter

Item Number 2342082

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This beautiful rosette pattern resembles a morning sun with flower petals springing from the center. Made of walnut, this rosette may be used for hammered dulcimers, psalteries, and other instruments to add beauty and texture to your instrument. These rosettes are 1/8" thick and are available in both 2 3/16" diameter and 1 1/2" diameter.

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Customer Reviews

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William Dollahite

Very satisfied

Scott Conner
Folkcraft Rosettes

I love these laser cut rosettes! I have used them before and the 1 1/2" ones are prefect for dulcimer projects and a 1 1/2" forestner bit is a perfect fit! I may wait to use these or show them off in my Folkcraft Kit dulcimer making class at Woodcraft in Indy July 29-30. Call the Woodcraft store to sign up!


Beautifully made. It worked well on my bowed psaltery.

These are great Rosette's!

These are well cut and easily inserted. And they look great also. I'd like to try some of the smaller ones next. But these have worked very well and I can recommend them highly. Fast shipping as well from these people.

Steven Schainost
Folkcraft® Rosette, Flowering Sun, Maple

I purchased three Flowering Sun Rosettes. One at 1 1/2" and two at 2.3/16". Now, I build stick dulcimers (about two per year). Each one I try to make better than the one before and I started using these rosettes to add a little class to them. Normally, I cut a 1 1/2" sound hole. In my last one, I grabbed the wrong hole saw (I have quite a a few) which did not cut a hole, it chewed a hole in the soundboard. Well, that was awful and there was no way to repair short of drilling it out to the next larger size (1 3/4"). Now the rosettes wouldn't fit and I couldn't find any 1 3/4" rosettes anywhere. Then I looked closely at the image of the Flowering Sun rosette and noted that it has an internal design separated from an outer ring ty thin 'struts'. I measured the image on the screen, did some calculations and found that the inner design was awfully close to 1 3/4".
so I ordered two in the hopes that I could remove the outer ring and fit this to my instrument. Long story short, it worked. The inner design was a tad over 1 3/4" which meant I had to slightly enlarge the soundhole. Then press the rosette into place. Note that removing the outer ring leaves a rosette that is fairly delicate. You have to be very careful while handling it and pressing it in place. Get it right the first time because you won't be able to remove it with breaking it. A little CA and it is now fixed in place. and looks nice. [I did it twice because I had drilled a 1 3/4" hole in a previous instrument]