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Tull Glazener - Waltzing With The Mountain Dulcimer

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Tull Glazener's amazing book has a slew (18!) of fun waltzes, all arranged for solo mountain dulcimer. Tablature is included, as is standard notation. From traditional Irish tunes, to classical Bach masterpieces, this is an entertaining book that you need in your dulcimer sheet music collection.

32 pages.

Songs included:

Rose Of Sharon Waltz - DAD Tuning
Southwind - DAD Tuning
My Own Home - DAD Tuning
Spanish Fandango - DAD Tuning
Brahms' Lullaby - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Johannes Brahms
Ye Banks And Braes - GDG Tuning - Composed by: Robert Burns
Soldier's Joyful Waltz - DAD Tuning
Skater's Waltz - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Emil Waldtufel
Cowboy's Waltz - GDG Tuning
Ash Grove - GDG Tuning - Lyrics included
Bach Minuet #2 - GDG Tuning - Composed by: J. S. Bach
Bach Minuet #4 - DAD Tuning - Composed by: J.S. Bach
Planxty Irwin - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Turlough O'Carolan
Hewlett - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Turlough O'Carolan
Teddy O'Neill - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Black Velvet Waltz - DAD Tuning
McKowski's Waltz - DAD Tuning
Shelly's Waltz - DAD Tuning

Customer Reviews

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Love This Book

Tull's books are always good, this one is no different. I like his tabs....they are straightforward and done well.

Mark Hoyt
Tull Glazener Dulcimer Waltz

As a beginner the CD is very helpful to here how the songs are played. I've only been at it since March. I practice every day and hope to be able to play this well eventually