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Carol Walker - Tailless Tunes 2

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Tailless Tunes 2, or More Manx Music For The Mountain Dulcimer, contains over 50 traditional songs from the Isle Of Man, all arranged specifically for mountain dulcimer by the one and only Carol Walker.

Music has always been a part of the Isle Of Man's culture. Because of its proximity to Ireland, Scotland and England, Manx music reflects the influences of all these places. You'll hear Celtic influences throughout the tunes, and will find elements drawn from Irish laments, Scottish lullabies and popular English ballads and dance music.

Carol Walker quotes a Manx music friend in her introduction to Tailless Tunes 2: "One of the most important things to remember is that Manx musicians like to play around with the music - there's no one 'right' way to play or sing a tune... enjoy making the music your own!" Accompaniment CD included.

100 pages.

Songs included:

Ellan Vannin (Isle Of Man) - DAD Tuning
Eisht As Nish (Then And Now) - DAD Tuning
Vel Shiuish Ben-aeg Ny Ben-y-Phoosee (Are You A Maid Or A Married Wife) - DAD Tuning
Hie Mee Stiagh Dys Thie Ben Treaghe (I Went Into The Widow's House) - DAD Tuning
Juan Y Jaggad Keeir (John Of The Grey Jacket) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Car Ny Ferrishyn (The Fairies' Reel) - DAD Tuning
Carval Ny Drogh Vraane (Ballad Of The Base Women) - DAD Tuning
Graih Foalsey (False Love) - DAD Tuning
The Streams Of Lovely Nancy - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Car Juan Nan (John Nan's Song) - DAD Tuning
Berree Dhone (Brown Berrey) - DAD Tuning
Craad T'ou Goll My Caillin Veg Dhone? (Where Are You Going, My Little Brown-Haired Girl?) - DAD Tuning
Ta Dick Veg Er Yannoo Mie (Little Dick Has Done Well) - DAD Tuning
Sharon's Jig - DAD Tuning
As I Went Out One Morning Clear - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
The Girls Of Balladoole - DAD Tuning
Creg Willy Syl (Willy Sylvester's Rock) - DAD Tuning
Reeaghyn Dy Vannin (Sword Dance Of The Kings Of Mann) - DAD Tuning
Mam's Waltz - DAD Tuning
Chyndaa Yn Bwoailley (Return The Blow) - DAD Tuning
Flitter Daunsey (Flitter Dance) - DAD Tuning
Dreem Beary - DAD Tuning
Grandma's Pea Pie - DAD Tuning
Eileen, My Vyrneen (Eileen, My Sweetheart) - DAD Tuning
A Dulcifiddle Medley (Fairy Music-Wandescope 1) - GGD Tuning
Moirrey Ny Cainle (Mary Of The Candle) - GGD Tuning
Creggyn Scarleode (Scarlet Rocks) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
The Manx Cat Song - DAD Tuning
Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey (The Sheep Under The Snow) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Our Ship Did Sail - DAD Tuning
Manannan Beg Mac Y Leir (Little Manannan, Son Of The Sea) - GGD Tuning - Lyrics included
Three Little Boats Went Out To Sea - DAD Tuning
Thurot - DAD Tuning
Marrinys Yn Tiger (Voyage Of The Tiger) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Farewell And Adieu - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Farewell And Adieu (Redux) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Churnal Jiu As Churnal Jea (Churning Song) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Y Cuccu (The Cuckoo) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Arrane Queeyl Nieuee (Spinning Wheel Song) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Chloe's New Baby - GGD Tuning
Carval Yoseph (Joseph's Carol) - DAD Tuning
Eunyssagh Vona (Mona's Delight) - DAD Tuning
Cur Shaghey Yn Geurey (Put Off The Winter) - DGD Tuning
Lhiam, Lhiat (For Me, For You) - GGD Tuning
December Is Fairer Than May - DAD Tuning
You're Never Too Old - DAD Tuning
Sheena's Waltz - DAD Tuning
Car Ny Rankee (Song Of The Foreigner) - DAD Tuning
Eubonia Soilshagh (Eubonia Bright) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Mylecharaine's March - DAD Tuning
Arrane Ashoonagh Dy Vannin (Manx National Anthem) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Mish As Y Keayn (Myself And The Sea) - DAD Tuning

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Tailless Tunes 2

Another great book from Carol Walker! I would highly recommend this one, it is a great collection of tunes and tab.