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Dunlop Pick Holder

Item Number 2300710

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As any musician knows, it sure is handy to have access to your favorite pick at any given time. Now you never have to worry about being without your picks, thanks to this cool spring-loaded holder. This pick holder by Jim Dunlop is a convenient multi-pick holder for storing your picks. The adhesive patch on the back allows you to stick the holder on your instrument, in your case, or anywhere you want it! Have immediate access to your picks with the Jim Dunlop Pick Holder!

Even though they have an unusual shape, the Herdim 3-in-1 dulcimer picks fit perfectly in the Dunlop pick holder case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Laura Bell
So Convenient!

I highly recommend the Dunlop pick holder. I have mine installed on the strap latches (a wonderful suggestion by Richard Ash) on each of my dulcimers so I have the choice of many different picks right at hand. It is unobtrusive - your audience is unlikely to even see it. Plus you won't have any concerns about your beautiful dulcimer's finish since the pick holder is on the strap and not on the dulcimer itself. (I don't know if the adhesive would affect the dulcimer's finish, but I did not want to take any chances!)

Scott Conner
Dunlop pick holder

This Dunlop pick holder is great! I stuck it to the side of my Folkcraft Courting Dulcimer. If a pick flies away while playing, I just reach for a fresh one and keep on going, barely miss a beat!

Joedy Studer
Handy Little Pick Holder

I had one of these holders on the dulcimer I regularly play. When I received my Folkcraft Chromatic dulcimer, I missed the convenience of having a variety of picks at my fingertips, so I ordered more Dunlop holders for all my dulcimers. Now I am happy.

Not everything needs to hard

So simple. The pics are right there so you are ready to play.

Charles Miller
Dunlap pick holder. Are great!

I really do love them. I have them on 4 instruments.
It is great to have a pick when you want to play. With out having to get one out of the dryer. And they hold several picks so you can put different thicknesses, stiffness , whatever. And they are right there. I love mine.