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Silver Snark 2 Dulcimer Tuner

Item Number 90928211

Regular price $25.00

We've been looking for a good quality clip-on tuner for a while, and haven't been impressed with most of the offerings. Other than a (very expensive, and very nice) strobe-type tuner, the other offerings have left us uninspired.

Until now. Finally, the folks at Snark have updated their classic "cheap but good enough to get the job done" clip on tuner. New software for faster, more accurate tuning. Awesome! But even better? Rubber inserts at the joints, meaning a MUCH lower likelihood of your tuner coming apart (literally!) at the seams. There are less expensive tuners available, and more expensive, but this one, the Silver Snark 2, has everything you need at a fair price.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Carol Darnell
Silver Snark 2 Dulcimer Tuner.

Happy with the tuner. Easy to use

Carol Zehosky
"Silver Snark 2 Dulcimer Tuner"

This is my second time purchasing this brand of tuner because I have two dulcimers and two cases, one with each. It is well made, easy to use and accurate. I am too much of a novice to tune by ear.

allan murray

i am very satisfied. Works well.

Dorothy Miner
Good choice

This is a good option, especially at a jam. It doesn’t try to pick up on other instruments like my phone tuner app does. Plus: the clip-on feature makes it more convenient than fishing my phone out of wherever it’s hiding when I need to re-tune.

Roni OConnell
It broke.

The clamp part snapped.