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Phyllis Gaskins - Galax Dulcimer: A Job Of Journey Work

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This stellar volume is the ultimate guide to the "Galax-style" mountain dulcimer. From the fascinating history, to building a modern version, to "how to play", this book is the one that you want!

Songs included:

Big Liza Jane - DAD Tuning
Black - Eyed Susie - DAD Tuning
Chapel Hill March - DAD Tuning
Ducks On The Millpond - DAD Tuning
Fortune - DAD Tuning
Green Willis - DAD Tuning
Job Of The Journey Work - DAD Tuning
Julie Ann Johnson - DAD Tuning
Katy Cline - DAD Tuning
Luther’s Walkin In The Parlor - DAD Tuning
Old Molly Hare - DAD Tuning
Old Time Sally Ann - DAD Tuning
Peek A Boo Waltz - DAD Tuning
Sugar Hill - DAD Tuning
Walkin In The Parlor #1- DAD Tuning
Dance All Night With A Bottle In Your Hand - DGD Tuning
Did You Ever See The Devil Uncle Joe? - DGD Tuning
Ebenezer - DGD Tuning
Evening Star Waltz - DGD Tuning
The Girl I Left Behind - DGD Tuning
John Brown’s March - DGD Tuning
Long Journey Home - DGD Tuning
Merriweather - DGD Tuning
Sandy River Belle - DGD Tuning
Seneca Square Dance - DGD Tuning
Silly Bill - DGD Tuning
Unclouded Day - DGD Tuning
Breakin Up Christmas - DGD Tuning
Cluck Ol Hen- DGD Tuning
Cold Frosty Morning - DGD Tuning
Dinah - DGD Tuning
Falls Of Richmond - DGD Tuning
Highlanders Farewell - DGD Tuning
Kitchen Girl - DGD Tuning
New Castle - DGD Tuning
Sail Away Ladies - DGD Tuning
Sally Goodin - DGD Tuning
Sheep Shell Corn - DGD Tuning
Sugar In the Gourd - DGD Tuning
Train On The Island - DGD Tuning
Flop Eared Mule - GDA Tuning
Jenny Lind Polka - GDA Tuning


Customer Reviews

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Sam Lyon
Phyllis Gaskin Galax dulcimer

This book is way over priced for what it provides

Greg Gunner
"Phyllis Gaskins - Galax Dulcimer: A Job Of Journey Work"

Phyllis Gaskins is widely regarded as having a direct connection to the historic Melton and Russell families of the Galax, Virginia area. She learned directly from Raymond Melton. As such, she is one of the most knowledgeable Galax-Style dulcimer players in the country. Her book is the most authoritative description of the Galax-Style from its history to the practical aspects of playing in the Virginia style. If you want to play an authentic Galax-Style dulcimer, you need to do two things. First, you should try to attend one of Phyllis's live workshops. Second, you should get a copy of this book and read it from cover to cover. Phyllis reveals the knowledge she has gained over her lifetime, and it is a must read for any aspiring Galax-Style dulcimer player.