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Don Pedi - Simply Old Time Dulcimer

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Don Pedi's "Simply Old Time Dulcimer" is the perfect choice for anyone looking to learn traditional dulcimer tunes. This collection was masterfully crafted by Don Pedi himself, and comes with 29 traditional tunes complete with standard notation and tablature. Get the best of traditional string music with Don Pedi!

Includes a companion audio CD with each tune played at a moderate speed on solo dulcimer.

60 pages.

Songs included:

Bonaparte's Retreat - DAD Tuning
Boogerman - DGD Tuning
Coal Harbor Bend - DGD Tuning
Dandy Lusk - DGD Tuning
Darling Cora - DAC Tuning
Down The River - DAD Tuning
Five Miles From Town - DAA Tuning
Frolic Of The Frogs - DAA Tuning
I Love My Wife As Well As Anybody, But When My Back Is Turned She's A-Huggin' Everybody - DGD Tuning
I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground  - DAD Tuning
Jenny Run Away In The Mud In The Night  - DAA Tuning
Kitty Puss - DAD Tuning
Laura Foster - DGD Tuning
Little Betty Ann  - DAC Tuning
Little Stream Of Whiskey - DAD Tuning
The Old Black Cat, Couldn't Catch A Rat - DGD Tuning
Old Gambling Man - DGD Tuning
Old Time Sally Goodin - DGD Tuning
One Morning Fair - DAD Tuning
Pretty Little Girl With The Blue Dress On - DGD Tuning
Pretty Peggy O - DGD Tuning
Puncheon Floor - DGD Tuning
Roses In The Morning - DGD Tuning
Rye Whiskey - DGD Tuning
Single Girl - DAA Tuning
Tom Dooley - DGD Tuning
Uncle Henry - DAD Tuning
Walking In The Parlor - DGD Tuning
What'll We Do With The Baby O - EAE Tuning

Customer Reviews

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Linda Boies
5 star for content

1 star for the construction of the book. Mine was not put together correctly. It went to page 24 and then was bound backward from pages 60 (after page 24) to page 25 as the last page of the 60 page book. Mine might be the only book that was bound incorrectly, but annoying. The tab though is fantastic, and I love Don Pedi!