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Folkcraft® Non-Slip Friction Pad For Mountain Dulcimers, Tan

Item Number 2300744

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Our American-made non-slip pad will protect your mountain dulcimer from scratches, keep it from sliding off of any hard surface, and allow you to play more aggressively without fear of your valuable dulcimer crashing to the floor. Set our pad between your dulcimer and your table (or lap, or dulcimer stand) and keep your instrument from moving around while you play. With a great grip and a ribbed finish, our friction pad is just the accessory or gift you've been searching for all these years!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Caleb Morris
Compact No-Slip Material

The material is strong and lightweight. It is made out of a material that I've seen used as drawer liners. It works great and folds down small for easy storage.

Peter Cohee
very helpful on a table or desk, not really needed on a lap.

Sometimes I put my dulcimer on my desktop or the kitchen island, and the pad is really useful there. It not only keeps the dulcimer from sliding but protects the bottom side from scratches. I don't really have a problem holding my dulcimer in my lap, so the pad isn't really needed there.



Bill Hufham
Dulcimer friction pad

Excellent quality. Works on lap or stand. Will not slip.

Anita Lukes

Folkcraft® Non-Slip Friction Pad For Mountain Dulcimers, Black