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Nina Zanetti & Bill Collins - The Humble Heart

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Bill Collins and Nina Zanetti have collaborated on a mountain dulcimer tab book of Shaker music. Drawing on their long standing shared interest in Shaker music, Bill and Nina have created arrangements for 33 lovely Shaker tunes, ranging from solemn, deeply contemplative hymns to lively dance tunes. Most of the arrangements are in DAD; a few use DGD or DAC. The book includes background notes and lyrics for all the tunes, along with an annotated list of CDs, music books, and references for additional exploration of the Shaker musical tradition.

59 pages.

Songs included:

Square Order Shuffle - DAD Tuning
The Spiritual Sailor - DAD Tuning
The Happy Journey - DAD Tuning
Mother - DAD Tuning
The Humble Heart - DAD Tuning
The Harvest - DAD Tuning
Ode To Contentment - DAD Tuning
By Freedom Invited (Quick Dance No. 5) - DGD Tuning
With Precious Gifts - DAD Tuning
When Christ Was Of A Virgin Born - DAD Tuning
Watch Ye - DAD Tuning
I Will Fight, Fight - DAD Tuning
I Will Bow And Be Simple - DAD Tuning
I Love To See The Wheels In Motion (Circular March No. 3) - DAC Tuning
Verdant Groves - DAD Tuning
Cords Of Love - DAD Tuning
Way (Low) Down In The Valley - DAD Tuning
Pretty Home - DAC Tuning
Farewell Earthly Glory - DAD Tuning
Grateful Remembrance - DAC Tuning
Little Children - DAD Tuning
Step Tune - DAD Tuning
A Prayer For The Captive - DAD Tuning
Jubilee - DAC Tuning
Yielding And Simple - DAD Tuning
More Love - DAD Tuning
Angels Of Heaven - DAD Tuning
God's Blessing - DAD Tuning
We Must Be Meek - DAC Tuning
If Our Home Is So Beautiful - DAD Tuning
Millennial Praise - DAD Tuning
Sweet Angels Come Nearer - DAD Tuning
The Spirit Is Calling (Prayer Universal) - DGD Tuning

Customer Reviews

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Gilson Waldkoenig
The Humble Heart: 33 Shaker Tunes by Collins and Zanetti

The Humble Heart is a lovely collection of 33 Shaker Tunes arranged for mountain dulcimer by Bill Collins and Nina Zanetti. A learned and informative book, the volume is a worthy addition to the small bibliography of Shaker music for mountain dulcimer. The authors provide a list of publications and recordings in their introduction, Zanetti included Shaker tunes in her Glories Immortal hymn collection, and Collins previously published another collection of Shaker tunes. So the reader/player engaging The Humble Heart is in the hands of good guides to the enchanting world of Shaker music. The mountain dulcimer with its modal roots and Shaker music are a great match. This book takes you there.

betty hecht
About Humble Heart

I was a little disappointed when I received the book but it was my fault because i was expecting a book of duets. However after playing with different tunings and the capo I am really enjoying this book. I also love the printed section- very informative.