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Neal Hellman - Music Of The World For Mountain Dulcimer

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Music of the World for Mountain Dulcimer contains 38 beautiful songs from around the globe, all specially arranged for mountain dulcimer. This unique songbook features standard notation and tablature, song notes, a variety of tunings and styles, plus an audio demonstrations of all the songs in the book.

64 pages.

Songs included:

Arirang - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Alfonso X El Sabio - DAC Tuning
Asika Thali - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Bai, Bai, Bai, Bai - DAC Tuning - Lyrics included
The Bamboo Flute - DAD Tuning
Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie (Beautiful One Who Holds My Life) - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Thoinet Arbeau - Lyrics included
The Blackest Crow - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Canarios - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Gaspar Sans
C'est L'aviron Quis Nous Mene En Haut (It Is The Oar That Impels Us On) - DGD Tuning - Lyrics included
De Colores - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Des Oge Mais - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Emma's Waltz - DAD Tuning
Do'n Oiche Ud I MBeithil (To That Night Long Ago In Bethlehem) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Hine Ma Tov (Behold How Good) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
I Will Arise - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
If I Was A Blackbird - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Kalendara - DAD Tuning
L'amour De Moy - DAD Tuning
Kojo No Tsuki (Moon Over The Ruined Castle) - DAC Tuning - Composed by: Rentaro Taki
Langdans (Long Dance) - DAD Tuning
The Last Time I Came O'er The Moor - DAD Tuning
Lauda Di Maria Maddalenna - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Lordagsvisa (Saturday Song) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Ly Cay Da (Song Of The Banyan Tree) - DAD Tuning
Menuet 70 De Gruijtters - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Johannes De Gruijtters
Plante Un Chou (Plant A Cabbage) - DAD Tuning
Ojos Azules (Blue Eyes) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Roselil' Og Hendes Moder (Rosie And Her Mother) - DAD Tuning
Sackpiplat E. Carl Wahlstrom - DAC Tuning
Saltarello - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Vincenzo Galilei
Slumber My Darling - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Stephen Foster - Lyrics Included
Shto Mi E Milo - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Srpkinja (Serbian Girl) - DAD Tuning
Studenten March - DAD Tuning
Sumer Is Icumen In - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Tiare Tahiti - CGC Tuning
Tourdion - DAC Tuning - Composed by: Pierre Attaignant - Lyrics included
Y Vorot (At The Gate) - DAD Tuning

Customer Reviews

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Lovely collection of songs

Music Of The World For Mountain Dulcimer was the first dulcimer book I bought when I began playing six months ago. It is primarily music, not instruction. For example, the tablature incorporates hammer-ons and pull-offs marked "H" and "P" and assumes the player is already familiar with their meaning, so I experienced some initial confusion. Many of the pieces were above my level when I began, but the wide range of songs and accompanying CD gave me a sense of what is possible. As I've continued to play, more and more songs are doable, and now two or three of my absolute favorite songs to play come from this book. Back-up chords are noted and give the fret numbers for those who want to figure out an accompaniment to singing the melody. The arrangements are lovely and I will look for more music from these authors.

Catherine Kostyn
Music Of The World For Mountain Dulcimer

I love this book of dulcimer arrangements from around the world. It's well worth exploring and finding different ways to make music from this wonderful instrument we all love.