Neal Hellman - Music Of The World For Mountain Dulcimer

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64 pages.

Song list:

Arirang - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Alfonso X El Sabio - DAC Tuning
Asika Thali - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Bai, Bai, Bai, Bai - DAC Tuning - Lyrics included
The Bamboo Flute - DAD Tuning
Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie (Beautiful One Who Holds My Life) - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Thoinet Arbeau - Lyrics included
The Blackest Crow - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Canarios - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Gaspar Sans
C'est L'aviron Quis Nous Mene En Haut (It Is The Oar That Impels Us On) - DGD Tuning - Lyrics included
De Colores - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Des Oge Mais - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Emma's Waltz - DAD Tuning
Do'n Oiche Ud I MBeithil (To That Night Long Ago In Bethlehem) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Hine Ma Tov (Behold How Good) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
I Will Arise - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
If I Was A Blackbird - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Kalendara - DAD Tuning
L'amour De Moy - DAD Tuning
Kojo No Tsuki (Moon Over The Ruined Castle) - DAC Tuning - Composed by: Rentaro Taki
Langdans (Long Dance) - DAD Tuning
The Last Time I Came O'er The Moor - DAD Tuning
Lauda Di Maria Maddalenna - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Lordagsvisa (Saturday Song) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Ly Cay Da (Song Of The Banyan Tree) - DAD Tuning
Menuet 70 De Gruijtters - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Johannes De Gruijtters
Plante Un Chou (Plant A Cabbage) - DAD Tuning
Ojos Azules (Blue Eyes) - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Roselil' Og Hendes Moder (Rosie And Her Mother) - DAD Tuning
Sackpiplat E. Carl Wahlstrom - DAC Tuning
Saltarello - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Vincenzo Galilei
Slumber My Darling - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Stephen Foster - Lyrics included
Shto Mi E Milo - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Srpkinja (Serbian Girl) - DAD Tuning
Studenten March - DAD Tuning
Sumer Is Icumen In - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Tiare Tahiti - CGC Tuning
Tourdion - DAC Tuning - Composed by: Pierre Attaignant - Lyrics included
Y Vorot (At The Gate) - DAD Tuning

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