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Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Ball Ends (.011" .011" .013" .024"BW)

Item Number 2310019

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This set of Folkcraft brand dulcimer strings will keep your instrument sounding great. These ball end strings come in a set of four with the following gauges: .011, .011, .013, .024BW.
As one of the leading dulcimer manufacturers in the world, the Folkcraft luthiers have spent a lot of time selecting and listening to different strings materials, gauges, and windings. This is our best-selling mountain dulcimer string set.

Strings in this set:
Melody strings (2): .011
Middle string: .013
Bass string: .024BW

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Susan Okaty
Great new strings!

What a difference new strings make to an old dulcimer. They make me work a little harder at first, and I need to toughen up my fingers, but the sound they make on my old Dorsey Williams is worth it. I bought a second set to put on my Warren May. Yes, I’m a name dropper! These dulcimer makers should be celebrated. Hope to add a Folkcraft dulcimer one day.

Michael Ross
Dulcimer string seys

Very fine people and service.

Caleb Morris
Excellent Tone

These strings sounded great. The packaging was really nice. It was a clear thick plastic rather than some paper thin packaging like a lot of strings.

Dave Drechsler DC
Dulcimer Strings .011 melody string set

Quick and fast service - quality product - professionally wrapped /
Customer service is outstanding // My new website for sure !!

Singing Strings

Beautiful feel and sound!