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Folkcraft® Bridge/Nut Stock, Micarta, 3 1/4" Long

Item Number 2851422

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Our Micarta plastic bridge and nut stock is similar to the delrin plastic more commonly used, but since the Micarta is a harder material, the tone quality of the finished instrument is a bit different. Our kit includes two pieces of material. Each part is 3 1/4 inches long and is 1/8 inch thick. The bridge piece is 5/16 of an inch high, and the nut piece is 13/64 of an inch high. To use this material, first you'll cut it to the width of your fingerboard, then use a file or a fret saw to install grooves for your strings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chuck Bennett
Great products for do it yourself repair

Changing a standard Folkcraft dulcimer to a baritone and needed a different nut and bridge. Was not sure if I wanted to start or scratch so ordered a blank and precut micarta. Will do the project during the winter.

Lloyd C.
Good nut/bridge stock

I find that using this blank stock is better for making nuts and bridges than buying the pre-cut plastic bridges. They are nice and solid (the pre-cut ones have a hollow in the center) and they cut well.

Micarta nut/bridge

Solid material allows me to make nut or bridge to the height and width that fits my dulcimer fret board. I am glad Folkcraft had this option. Thank you again

Nut and Bridge Restoration

Great product! Restored worn nut and bridge on a 1972 dulcimer with a VSL of 33”, assembled by Mark Fried