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Mark Gilston - English Country Dance Tunes For Dulcimer, Volume 1

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When Mark Gilston (renowned ethnomusicologist, national dulcimer champion, and all-around great guy) puts together a set of dulcimer arrangements, he doesn't hold back. There are TWO books in this set, each with a SLEW of great songs. Each song has a great melody, and is fun to play. But also, each song has historical significance. Go ahead and get both volumes, and soon enough, YOU will know all the old English dance tunes, too! All songs in DAD Tuning.

26 pages. CD included.

Songs included:

All In A Garden Green
Beggar Boy
Bonny Bonny Broome (also called Broom Of Cowdenknows)
Cuckolds All In A Row
Drive The Cold Winter Away
Gathering Peascods
Goddesses (also called A North Country Maid)
Half Hannikin
Jack A Lent
Jenny Pluck Pears
Mage On A Cree
Maid Peept Out At The Window, The or The Friar In The Well
Maiden Lane
Old Mole, The
Parson's Farewell
Scotch Cap
Up Tails All
Upon A Summer's Day
Whish, The


Customer Reviews

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Charming Songs, Lots of Great Capo Songs

This is a charming book with lots of capo songs. I love the capo and wish we had more books that use them. (Suggestion: a John Dowland book of lute songs with lots of capo for a medieval sound.) The songs are all historical and sound authentic with the capo. You feel like you're going back in time when you play them. The tab isn't just the standard three chords throughout the song. The embellishments give the piece a more polished and pretty sound. It comes with a CD and, as an added bonus, Mark performs many of the songs from these books on YouTube. This is very helpful to hear the tempo, observe finger placement, etc. I also have Volume II which is just as good. These will keep me busy and interested for a long time!