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Madeleine MacNeil - Wedding Music For The Mountain Dulcimer

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This collection for mountain dulcimer players includes two dozen wedding pieces in DAD tuning derived from the folk traditions of the British Isles and America’s Appalachian community.

The melodies appear in both dulcimer tablature and music notation with suggested backup chords. Arrangements for a second dulcimer player are also included. An original song entitled Many Butterflies is provided as a wedding gift from author Madeline MacNeil!

Haste to the Wedding, and the marrying couple then asks each other to Give Me Your Hand.

48 pages.

Songs included:

Haste to the Wedding
Give Me Your Hand
Unst Bridal March
A Waltz
My Own Home
Flower’s o’ the Forest
Mairi’s Wedding
The King of Love My Shepherd Is
Many Butterflies
The Water Is Wide
The Honey Moon
Carolan’s Concerto
The Constant Couple
Dance All Night
Peeler Creek
Cumberland Waltz
100 Pipers
Afton Water
Planxty Fanny Power
Ode to Joy
Bunessan Melody
Bunessan Harmony
I Love My Love Melody
I Love My Love Harmony
The Ash Grove Melody
The Ash Grove Harmony
Maypole Dance Melody
Maypole Dance Harmony

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