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Lorinda Jones - Mountain Dulcimer: A Survival Guide For Beginners

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Featuring all the "stuff you need to know" that's often left out of instruction books from other publishers, we're happy to bring you Lorinda's "Survival Guide". With sections on "tools and equipment", "tuning and strings", "picking and strumming", and so much more, this book is an amazing companion to the beginning/intermediate books available from any publisher.

Songs included:

Bile Dem Cabbage Down - DAD Tuning
Gray Cat On A Tennessee Farm - DAD Tuning
Shortnin' Bread - DAD Tuning
Happy Land - DAD Tuning
What'll I Do With The Baby-O? - DAD Tuning
Soldier's Joy - DAD Tuning
Old Joe Clark - DAD Tuning
Going To Boston (Goodby Girls, I'm) - DAD Tuning
Chanter's Tune - DAD Tuning
Old Joe Clark - DAD Tuning
Gray Cat On A Tennessee Farm - DAD Tuning
Soldier's Joy - DAD Tuning
Buffalo Gals - DAD Tuning
Rock-A My Soul - DAD Tuning
Bile Them Cabbage Down - DAD Tuning
Oh! Susanna - DAD Tuning
Wildwood Flower - DAD Tuning
Lil' Liza Jane - DAD Tuning
Camptown Races - DAD Tuning
Susanna Gal (Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss) - DAD Tuning
The Streets Of Laredo (Cowboy's Lament) - DAD Tuning
Amazing Grace - DAD Tuning
Home On The Range (State Song Of Kansas) - DAD Tuning
What A Friend We Have In Jesus - DAD Tuning

Other content:

First Songs - By Ear
First Songs - With Tablature
First Songs - Traditional Notation
Finger Positions

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