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Linda Collins - Beyond The Basics - An Intermediate Course For Mountain Dulcimer

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Linda, a professional music educator, saw a "hole" in the training of new (and experienced) mountain dulcimer players. So she wrote this book. Her students are some of the best players in the world - she knows how to teach, and that skill shows in this book.

A "typical" mountain dulcimer player works through an introductory book (something like the "First Lessons" book a lot of us started with). And then, starts playing tunes in a jam, but has no real instruction at that point. This book aims to fill that "instruction gap". Assuming you have some basic skills, this book will take you to the next level. More skills, more movement in the hands, everything a little (LITTLE!) more complex. 

So after you have some foundational techniques, get this book, and continue your skills development. You'll be glad you did!

80 pages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jim Furry
The Basics An Intermediate Intermediate course

lite intermediate it that

Daris Magoffin
More later

Just getting started but very happy so far. It is engaging and challenging but rewarding. Looking forward to the rest of it.

Good book for learning

I like this book even though I am a beginner because it starts out at the beginning phase and works up. It moves up quite fast and into more complex material quickly but if you put the effort in to learn the material as you go along it will get you playing dulcimer at a level where you can join jams. Perhaps I am able to learn the material because I play other instruments and have a good grasp of music and just needed to apply it to the dulcimer.

Retha Haddock
Beyond the Basics - An Intermediate Course for Mountain Dulcimer

I haven’t had time to start working with the book yet, but I have looked through it and look forward to start practicing with it next week.