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Kendra Ward & Bob Bence - Let's Jam! Volume 4, The Celtic Edition

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"Lets Jam! Volume 4, The Celtic Edition" is the ultimate Celtic Session resource! Kendra Ward and Bob Bence have compiled 70 classic Celtic favorites into one easy-to-carry book. Each tune is presented in two distinctly different, user-friendly formats.

First, a basic chord/rhythm chart appears on the left side of each page. Use this to play the chord progression, play arpeggios, improvise a harmony part or play a counter melody! Next, a simple unembellished melody line for the same tune appears on the right side of the page. This basic melody quickly gets right to the essence of the tune, virtually begging each player to add their own individual harmonies and embellishments.

The "blank canvas" version of each melody makes "Lets Jam! Volume 4, The Celtic Edition" a terrific source for players looking for a starting point to create their own arrangements, too. Get your copy today and never miss another Celtic Session!

147 pages.

Songs included:

A Fig For A Kiss (Chord Charts)
A Fig For A Kiss (Melodies)
Another Jig Will Do (Chord Charts)
Another Jig Will Do (Melodies)
The Banshee (Chord Charts)
The Banshee (Melodies)
Balleydesmond Polka (Chord Charts)
Balleydesmond Polka (Melodies)
The Battering Ram (Chord Charts)
The Battering Ram (Melodies)
Believe Me If Young Charms (Chord Charts)
Believe Me If Young Charms (Melodies)
The Blackthorn Stick (Chord Charts)
The Blackthorn Stick (Melodies)
The Blarney Pilgrim (Chord Charts)
The Boyne Hunt (Chord Charts)
The Boyne Hunt (Melodies)
The Boys Of Ballycastle (Chord Charts)
The Boys Of Ballycastle (Melodies)
The Boys Of Wexford (Chord Charts)
The Boys Of Wexford (Melodies)
Britches Full Of Stitches (Chord Charts)
Britches Full Of Stitches (Melodies)
The Butterfly (Chord Charts)
The Butterfly (Melodies)
The Cameronian Reel (Chord Charts)
The Cameronian Reel (Melodies)
Cherish The Ladies (Chord Charts)
Cherish The Ladies (Melodies)
The Cliffs Of Moher (Chord Charts)
The Cliffs Of Moher (Melodies)
Coleman's March (Chord Charts)
Coleman's March (Melodies)
The Connaughtman's Rambles (Chord Charts)
The Connaughtman's Rambles (Melodies)
Cooley's Reel (Chord Charts)
Cooley's Reel (Melodies)
Cronin's Hornpipe (Chord Charts)
Cronin's Hornpipe (Melodies)
Cup Of Tea (Chord Charts)
Cup Of Tea (Melodies)
Doon The Brae (Chord Charts)
Doon The Brae (Melodies)
The Earl's Chair (Chord Charts)
The Earl's Chair (Melodies)
Fairy Dance (Chord Charts)
Fairy Dance (Melodies)
The Flogging Reel (Chord Charts)
The Flogging Reel (Melodies)
The Foxhunter's Reel (Chord Charts)
The Foxhunter's Reel (Melodies)
The Frieze Britches (Chord Charts)
The Frieze Britches (Melodies)
Frost All Over (Chord Charts)
Frost All Over (Melodies)
Galway Hornpipe (Chord Charts)
Galway Hornpipe (Melodies)
Garryowen (Chord Charts)
Garryowen (Melodies)
Geese In The Bog (Chord Charts)
Geese In The Bog (Melodies)
The Green Willis (Chord Charts)
The Green Willis (Melodies)
Haste To The Wedding (Chord Charts)
Haste To The Wedding (Melodies)
High Level Hornpipe (Chord Charts)
High Level Hornpipe (Melodies)
The Home Ruler (Chord Charts)
The Home Ruler (Melodies)
The Kesh Jig (Chord Charts)
The Kesh Jig (Melodies)
Kitty's Wedding (Chord Charts)
Kitty's Wedding (Melodies)
The Lilting Banshee (Chord Charts)
The Lilting Banshee (Melodies)
The Maid At The Spinningwheel (Chord Charts)
The Maid At The Spinningwheel (Melodies)
The Maid Behind The Bar (Chord Charts)
The Maid Behind The Bar (Melodies)
Margaret's Waltz (Chord Charts)
Margaret's Waltz (Melodies)
Mari's Wedding (Chord Charts)
Mari's Wedding (Melodies)
Merrily Kiss The Quaker (Chord Charts)
Merrily Kiss The Quaker (Melodies)
The Merry Blacksmith (Chord Charts)
The Merry Blacksmith (Melodies)
The Minstrel Boy (Chord Charts)
The Minstrel Boy (Melodies)
Mist Covered Mountains (Chord Charts)
Mist Covered Mountains (Melodies)
The Monaghan Jig (Chord Charts)
The Monaghan Jig (Melodies)
Mountain Roads (Chord Charts)
Mountain Roads (Melodies)
The Musical Priest (Chord Charts)
The Musical Priest (Melodies)
My Darling Asleep (Chord Charts)
My Darling Asleep (Melodies)
Ned Of The Hill (Chord Charts)
Ned Of The Hill (Melodies)
New Rigged Ship (Chord Charts)
New Rigged Ship (Melodies)
Off She Goes (Chord Charts)
Off She Goes (Melodies)
O'Keefe's (Chord Charts)
O'Keefe's (Melodies)
Out On The Ocean (Chord Charts)
Out On The Ocean (Melodies)
The Primrose Lass (Chord Charts)
The Primrose Lass (Melodies)
The Rambling Pitchfork (Chord Charts)
The Rambling Pitchfork (Melodies)
Rolling In The Rye Grass (Chord Charts)
Rolling In The Rye Grass (Melodies)
The Rose Of Sharon (Chord Charts)
The Rose Of Sharon (Melodies)
Scatter The Mud (Chord Charts)
Scatter The Mud (Melodies)
Shores Of Lough Gowna (Chord Charts)
Shores Of Lough Gowna (Melodies)
Sligo Maid (Chord Charts)
Sligo Maid (Melodies)
Smash The Windows (Chord Charts)
Smash The Windows (Melodies)
The Star Of Munster (Chord Charts)
The Star Of Munster (Melodies)
Bill Sullivan's Polka (Chord Charts)
Bill Sullivan's Polka (Melodies)
Swallowtail Jig (Chord Charts)
Swallowtail Jig (Melodies)
Ten Penny Bit (Chord Charts)
Ten Penny Bit (Melodies)
Tobin's Favorite (Chord Charts)
Tobin's Favorite (Melodies)
Trip To Sligo (Chord Charts)
Trip To Sligo (Melodies)
Tripping Up The Stairs (Chord Charts)
Tripping Up The Stairs (Melodies)
The Blarney Pilgrim (Melodies)

Customer Reviews

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Laura Bell
Another fantastic little songbook

Everything I said in my review on Let's Jam Volume 2 is true here for the Celtic Edition. The songbook fits in both my dulcimer and fiddle case pockets, it lays flat, easy to turn pages, and has room to add lyrics. I love that the songs are all alphabetical so I don't have to consult the table of contents.

I am hoping that when I learn (or at least become familiar with) all these songs, I should have a pretty good base for celtic jams.

I hope to add all of these Let's Jam songbooks to my music library!