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Joe Collins - Round After Round With The Dulcimer

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A collection of rounds for the mountain dulcimer that includes a wide variety of styles. Sure to bring hours of fun for duets or ensembles. Even if you do not have playing partners, there is a free online source available. All of the songs are available online in extended recordings so you can play along or play in rounds along with the recording. (Available as a free download from the author's website.)

58 pages.

Songs included:

Three Blind Mice DAD Tuning
Sumer Is Icumen In DAD Tuning
Now Kiss The Cup DAD Tuning
Poor Tom DAD Tuning
Let Us Sing Together DAD Tuning
The Birch Tree DAD Tuning
What Goes Round DAD Tuning
Welcome, Welcome, Ev'ry Guest - DAD Tuning
At Summer Morn - DAD Tuning
Christchurch Bells - DAD Tuning
Evening Still DAD Tuning
Evening Still (Crosspicked Arrangement In Lower Octave) DAD Tuning
Are You Sleeping? (Frere Jacques) DAD Tuning
Brother Martin - DAD Tuning
Rose, Rose DAD Tuning
Ah, Poor Bird - DAD Tuning
Hey, Ho, Nobody Home - DAD Tuning
My Dame Has A Lame, Tame Crane DAD Tuning
Itsy, Bitsy Spider DAD Tuning
A Pizza Hut ("A Ram Sam Sam") DAD Tuning
For Thy Gracious Blessings - DAD Tuning
Dona Nobis Pacem - DAD Tuning
Alleluia ("Hashivenu" ) DAD Tuning
Jubilate Deo - DAD Tuning
Henay Ma Tov (Psalm 133:1) - DAD Tuning
Through North And South - DAD Tuning
Jesus Is Risen - DAD Tuning
For Health And Strength - DAD Tuning
God Bless All DAD Tuning
For Health And Strength - DGD Tuning
God Bless All - DGD Tuning
All Praise To Thee DAD Tuning
All Praise To Thee - DGD Tuning
With Laughter And Singing - DAD Tuning
With Laughter And Singing - DGD Tuning
Coffee DAD Tuning
Coffee - DGD Tuning
Let's Put The Rooster In The Stew - DAD Tuning
Let's Put The Rooster In The Stew - DGD Tuning
Early To Bed - DAD Tuning
Early To Bed - DGD Tuning
The Bell Doth Toll - DAD Tuning
The Bell Doth Toll DGD Tuning
Haste Thee, Nymph - DAD Tuning
Haste The Nymph - DGD Tuning
Here's A Health - DAD Tuning
Here's A Health - DGD Tuning


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