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Joe Collins - Lullabies For The Mountain Dulcimer

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Some of the best lullabies ever written were created specifically for the mountain dulcimer. Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi. All wrote numerous concertos for our beloved dulcimer.

Not! Actually, they were all dead long before the mountain dulcimer was invented. But All of the old-school European composers would have truly loved the instrument, I'm sure, and woujld have written a slew of great music for the dulcimer.

This book has a great selection of lullabies for mountain dulcimer, all arranged by the skilled and talented Joe Collins. Nice arrangements, not too easy, not too hard. You'll like them!

54 pages.

Songs included:

A La Puerta Del Cielo (At The Door Of Heaven) - DAD Tuning
All Me Rock, Me Rock Boysie - DAD Tuning
All The Pretty Little Horses - DAD Tuning - Capo 1
All Through The Night - DAD Tuning
All Through The Night - DGD Tuning
Baby Bye-o, Bye - DAD Tuning
Baloo Baleerie (Go Away, Little Fairies) - DAD Tuning
Beautiful Dreamer - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Stephen Foster
Beautiful Dreamer - DAD Tuning - Capo 3 - Composed by: Stephen Foster
Bed Is Too Small - DAD Tuning - Capo 1
Bim Bam, Biri, Biri, Bam - DAC Tuning
Brahm’s Lullaby - DAD Tuning
Bye Bye, Baby Bunting - DAD Tuning
Cherries Are Ripe - DAD Tuning
Detta, Detta, Please Be Nice - DAD Tuning
Fais Dodo, Colas, Mon P’tit Frere - DAD Tuning
Go To Sleepy, Little Baby - DAD Tuning
Go To Sleepy, Little Baby - DGD Tuning
Good Night, Good Night, My Dear Sweetheart - DAD Tuning
Hush Little Baby - DAD Tuning
Hush-A-Bye, Birdie - DAD Tuning
I Will Feed My Baby - DAD Tuning
Lady Lady - DAD Tuning
Little Boy Blue - DAD Tuning
Lullaby Of Takeda - DAD Tuning
Mama, Mama Told Me-o - DAD Tuning
Mozart Lullaby - DAD Tuning
Rock-A-Bye Baby - DAD Tuning
Rock-A-Bye Baby - DGD Tuning
Rocking Carol, The - DAD Tuning
Sakura - DGD Tuning - Capo 1
Sandman, The - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Johannes Brahms
Sleep, Baby, Sleep - DAD Tuning
Sleep, My Baby - DAD Tuning
Sleep, My Little Boy - DAD Tuning
Slumber Time Is Drawing Near - DAD Tuning - Capo 1
Swamp Baby Lullaby - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Joe Collins
Swamp Baby Lullaby - DGD Tuning - Composed by: Joe Collins
That's An Irish Lullaby - DAD Tuning - Composed by: James Royce Shannon
Wee Willie Winkie - DAD Tuning
What'll We Do With The Baby-o? - DAD Tuning

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