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Joe Collins - Around The World With The Mountain Dulcimer

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This book started out as a repertoire workshop that Joe Collins was teaching, but he enjoyed the international folk songs so much that he made created this book. It's neat to find tunes that fit on the dulcimer outside of the standards that a lot of people play.

13 songs. 20 pages.

Songs included:

Banana Boat Loader's Song (Day Oh) - DGD Tuning
The Bamboo Flute - DAD Tuning - China
Waltzing Matilda - DAD Tuning - Australia
Guantanamera - DAD Tuning - Cuba
I Will Feed My Baby - DAD Tuning - Nigeria
Toom Balalaika - DGD Tuning, Capo 1 - Russian Yiddish
Loch Lomond - DGD Tuning - Celtic - Ireland/Scotland
La Cucaracha - DGD Tuning - Mexico
Santa Lucia - DAD Tuning - Italy
Au Clair De La Lune - DGD Tuning - France
All Through The Night - DGD Tuning - Wales
Cuckoo - DGD Tuning - Poland
Duerme Nino Pequenito - Sleep My Baby, Precious Darling - DAD Tuning - Colombia

Customer Reviews

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Something different and fresh

I ordered this to get some international flavor in my playing, and it is wonderful. Accessible to beginners on their way, and there is plenty of room for more advanced players to add their own flourishes. There's even a song from Nigeria, much to my surprise and delight. Thank you Joe Collins for conceiving of such a book.