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Herdim Nylon Pick, Classic "351" Shape, Heavy Blue, 12 Pack

Item Number 2310167

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With the shape similar to that of a Fender Brand model "351" pick, our blue Herdim picks are going to feel familiar to most of our hands. Our Herdim brand picks, though, have a non-slip finger grip area (so you won't drop them as easily), and come in three gauges that are easily identified by their colors. Yellow picks are "light", red picks are "medium", and blue picks are "heavy". Try a package of each gauge, and see which ones you like the most!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love these picks

I have tried a number of picks on my dulcimer and these provide the best sound of any I own. Many of the ones I had produced a clicking and twanging sound. These do not for me. The thickness/firmness and flexibility is perfect. The size is perfect to me. The groves in the picks make them very easy to hand on to and they do not slip in my fingers like other picks.

Herdim Picks

Wasn’t sure about the firmness but they play great and really help project sound out of my dulcimers. Even strumming is smooth and not twangy. Pleasantly surprised!! 5stars.

Great Pick

I have a lot of picks. You might say I am a pick collector. I already us the Herdim triangular pick, but I find myself using this one on all of of my dulcimers on any kind of tune. It is substantial and easy to hold on to. I achieve a nice tone quality on all of my dulcimers with it. Glad I bought a bag of them because I think my husband keeps "borrowing" mine.