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Neal Hellman - Dulcimer Method

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Neal Hellman's "Dulcimer Method" is designed to get the beginning player off to a good start. First you will learn about your instrument, identifying its parts and discussing how to hold it. Then it is on to teaching solo melody and chord playing. Tuning, modes and many folk songs are all demonstrated on the downloadable audio files. Get off to a good start with this informative book.

71 pages.

Songs included:

When The Saints Go Marching In (Rhythm Version)- DAD Tuning
When The Saints Go Marching In (Melody Version)- DAD Tuning

Little Moses - DAD Tuning
John Hardy - DAD Tuning
The Lark In The Morning - DAD Tuning
The Flowers Of The Forest - DAD Tuning
Thugamar Fein An Samradh Linn (We Brought The Summer With Us)
- DAD Tuning
Three Jolly Rogues Of Lynn - DGD Tuning
The Baby Tree - DGD Tuning
The Girl I Left Behind Me - DGD Tuning
The Irish Washerwoman - DGD Tuning
Scotland The Brave - DGD Tuning
Spotted Cow - DAD Tuning
The March Of The King Of Laois - AAA Tuning
Hatikva - DAC Tuning
The Moon Shines Bright - Composed by: John Stauner - DAC Tuning
Goddesses - DAC Tuning
Bold Fenian Men - DAC Tuning
Breton Tune
- DAC Tuning
The Cuckoo - DAC Tuning
Spagnoletta - DAC Tuning
Tralee Jail - AAD Tuning
The Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies - AAD Tuning
Brian Boru's March - AAD Tuning
The Chanter Song - DAC Tuning
Uncle Joe - DAD Tuning
The Bonnie, Bonnie Banks Of The Virgieo - DAC Tuning
Lauda - DAD Tuning 
Amazing Grace! - DGD Tuning
Johnny The Sailor - DGC Tuning
John Brosnan's Polka - DAD Tuning
Breton Lullabye - DAD Tuning
Kingdom Coming - DAD Tuning
Battle Cry Of Freedom - DAD Tuning
Spagnoletta (Advanced Version) - DAC Tuning
The Chanter Song (Advanced Version) - DAD Tuning

Customer Reviews

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Tom Spina

I actually ordered this for a friend starting out with dulcimers. It gives some good background, info on tunings and strumming and offers several songs in tablature in various levels. A very helpful CD is included