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Heidi Muller - West Virginia Fiddle Tunes & Songs Arranged For Mountain Dulcimer

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Fifty arrangements of tunes and songs from West Virginia’s old-time fiddlers and singers, including Melvin Wine, Ernie Carpenter, the Hammons Family, Ed Haley, Lester McCumbers, Wilson Douglas, Blind Alfred Reed and more. Tablature is mainly in DAD tuning, plus a few in DGD tuning, playing in the keys of D, G, A and A minor. Some tunes are written for more than one tuning or playing level. All are demonstrated on companion CD.

66 pages.

Songs included:

Cherry River Line (Key Of D)
Sandy Boys
Walkin' In The Parlor
Mercian Tittery-Ary-Ay
Sandy River Belle (Key Of D)
Sourwood Mountain
Beautiful Light O'er the Ocean
Granddad's Favorite (Key Of D)
Train On The Mountain
Explosion In The Fairmount Mines
West Fork Girls
Sailing Over England
How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live
Muddy Roads
Morning Flower
Old Phoeba Ice
Waiting For The Boatsman
Sugar In The Coffee
Rhododendron Song
Cherry River Line (Key Of A)
Elk River Blues
Half Past Four (Key Of D)
John Henry
The Horney Ewe
The Possum's Tail Is Bare

Customer Reviews

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West Virginia fiddle Tunes

Love this has a good variety of fiddle tunes that are challenging but definitely playable and having the CD is enjoyable to listen to but helps tremendously to know what the tunes are supposed to sound like when they are played on the dulcimer