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Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer String Set, MaxDAD (Standard/Bass Hybrid), Ball Ends (.012" .015" .024"RW .032"RW .054"RW)

Item Number 9111681

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This is the string set we use for building Folkcraft and FolkRoots 5-string MaxDAD® (standard/bass hybrid) dulcimers.

The first three strings (from the player side) are set up as a standard dulcimer. DAD tuning, in the normal range/octave. The far three strings (starting with the middle string of the 5-string set) are set up as a bass dulcimer. DAD tuning, but an octave lower than a standard dulcimer.

Strings in this set:
Melody string (high D): .012
Middle string (middle A): .015
Center string (low D): .024RW
Middle string (low A): .032RW
Bass string (really low D): .054RW

We've assembled the perfect string set for this setup. With the right balance of volume (choosing the gauges very carefully) and warmth/clarity - we use the brass wound (flattened with rollers) bass strings instead of the more-common (and slightly cheaper) bronze wound strings.

As an added benefit, the roller-wound brass strings (abbreviated RW) squeak less than regular strings, of course (since they're flattened a bit with rollers), but more importantly for this string set, they're made of a brass alloy (instead of the more commonly-found bronze alloy). 

Bronze tends to give a warmer tone quality, but brass, especially with baritone and bass strings, tends to provide the player with a LOT more clarity. The instrument isn't as "muddy", which is a common problem for baritone and bass dulcimers.


Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Brad Richard
Top Quality

I bought these loop end strings to re-string my 45 year old dulcimer. They sound great.

Baritone dulcimer strings

Just what I needed for my baritone dulcimer. Ordered ball ends instead of loop but that was my fault. Thankfully I needed a middle string only so the ball end fit okay. Next order will be the loop ends and I'll change all the strings.

Linda Harris (lindharri532)
Dulcimer strings

I haven't been able to try them yet, because I still need tuner pegs for my dulcimer. As soon as I can get this fixed, I'll send a better review

Lou Koebel
Always The Best

My order was pretty simple, just a package of dulcimer strings and picks, but Folkcraft is my "go to" for everything dulcimer. Quick service and they always seem to have everything I want in stock.

James Ramseyer
Bass dulcimer strings

Excellent product and timely shipping!