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Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Bass, Ball Ends (.024"RW .032"RW .054"RW)

Item Number 9080772

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They're finally here - our ball end string set with the melody, middle, and bass strings utilizing the best roller wound (RW) strings available. Roller wound strings squeak less than regular strings, of course (since they're flattened a bit with rollers), but more importantly for this string set, they're made of a brass alloy (instead of the more commonly-found bronze alloy). 

Bronze tends to give a warmer tone quality, but brass, especially with baritone and bass strings, tends to provide the player with a LOT more clarity. The instrument isn't as "muddy", which is a common problem for baritone and bass dulcimers.

Strings in this set:
Melody string: .024RW
Middle string: .032RW
Bass string: .054RW

Available only in ball end, and only in 3-string sets (going for that clarity again!), this is the string set we're using on the Folkcraft-built bass dulcimers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
D. Bland
Excellent Set of Strings!

These bass strings have a great sound. I'll definitely get them again in the future.

Tom Spina
max DAD string set

I've giving this set a 5-star because they are the same items (but different gauges) that I usually order in bulk. Have not yet started the build of my MaxDAD but I'm confident that this set of FolkCraft strings will perform past my expectations.

Oscar Stern
Finally adding a 4th string to the Baritone Dulcimer

I did switch back to the Original 4 String Baritone Dulcimer strings & to get the .013 Strings in the Treble position to ring clear enough, I had to extend the scale length by 5 extra inches from 29 inches to 34 inches. Thankfully these strings were actually made 3 feet longer than guitar strings.

Jim R.
New strings

New strings arrived on time, no issues. They sound great on my new (to me,) Warren May. Also, a new set of bass strings are performing as expected.

Joseph Trokey
Baritone strings

Trying these strings out on my old kit dulcimer. So far I really enjoy the sound I am getting.