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Lorinda Jones - Dulcimer A La Mode

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This book will encourage players to retune their instruments and learn more about their versatility. Each tune is presented as a melody with a drone in the mode indicated with strumming and rhythm guides. For most tunes, an optional arrangement or accompaniment is also provided using more complex chords and reflecting more traditional western harmony. There are downloadable audio tracks, two for each tune. The first track has the melody only, the second time is the melody and accompaniment. This folio is a great tool for any dulcimer player.

79 pages.

Songs included:

Rosewood Casket - DAA Tuning
Bendemeer's Stream - DAA Tuning
Careless Love - DAA Tuning
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton - DAA Tuning - Composed by: Alexander Hume and Robert Burns
Burden Down - DAA Tuning
Cluck Old Hen - DAG Tuning
Pretty Polly - DAG Tuning
Scarborough Fair - DAG Tuning
Drunken Sailor - DAG Tuning
She's Like A Swallow - DAG Tuning
Hurree, Hooroo - DAD Tuning
Rock - A - My - Soul - DAD Tuning
Little Maggie - DAD Tuning
Over The Waterfall - DAD Tuning
June Apple - DAD Tuning
The Butcher Boy - DAC Tuning
Nine Hundred Miles - DAC Tuning
Wayfaring Stranger - DAC Tuning
Bound For The Promised Land - DAC Tuning
Shady Grove - DAC Tuning

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