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Deborah J. Hamouris - Indian Summer

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Indian Summer” is a book of original and traditional music arranged for standard mountain dulcimers. Subtitled Music & Reflections by Deborah “DJ” Hamouris, this amazing volume contains 24 unique, ancient, and contemporary tunes for standard mountain dulcimers, including duets & songs, with online audio tracks!

  • 24 titles, 10 originals, 9 duets, 1 trio & 10 songs
  • Notes for each tune.
  • Reflections on performing, starting again, practicing, being a late bloomer, composing, practice tips and inspirational quotes.

Downloadable recordings of each tune & part are available from the author's website,

74 pages.

Songs included:

Alice  (Part 1) -  DAD Tuning
Alice  (Part 2) - DAD Tuning
Ashokan Farewell (Dulc 1) - DAD Tuning
Ashokan Farewell (Dulc 2 ) - DAD Tuning
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine  (Dulc 1) - DAD Tuning
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine (Dulc 2) - DAD Tuning
The Cherry Tree Carol (Melody) - DAD Tuning
The Cherry Tree Carol (Harmony) - DAD Tuning
The Cooing Cave - DAD Tuning
Fantasia On “A” String (Melody) - (Dulc 1) - DAD Tuning
Fantasia On “A” String (Harmony) - (Dulc 2) - DAD Tuning
The Fleur Of Northumberland - DAD Tuning
Fountain - DAD Tuning
Gathering Peascods (Capo 3) - DAD Tuning
Good King Wenceslas (Melody) - DAD Tuning
Good King Wenceslas (Harmony) - DAD Tuning
The Green Man (Dulc 1) - DAD Tuning - Poem by: Wm. Anderson - Music and verse by: John H. Brownson
The Green Man (Dulc 2) - DAD Tuning - Poem by: Wm. Anderson - Music and verse by: John H. Brownson
Indian Summer (Part 1) - DAD Tuning
Indian Summer (Part 2) - DAD Tuning
Jenny Pluck Pears (Dulc 1) - DAD Tuning
Jenny Pluck Pears (Dulc 2) - DAD Tuning
Jenny Pluck Pears (Dulc 3) - DAD Tuning
Jenny Pluck Pears (Solo) - DAD Tuning
Lamento Di Tristano - DAC Tuning
La Rotta - DAC Tuning
The Light Of Life - DAD Tuning
Lilliburlero - DGD Tuning
Nottmamun Town - DAC Tuning
Nottmamun Town - GDF Tuning
On Christmas Day - DAD Tuning
The Red Rocks Of Sedona - CGC Tuning
Silent Night (Dulc 1) - DAD Tuning
Silent Night (Dulc 2) - DAD Tuning
Songs Of The Wandering Aengus - DAD Tuning
Vance No More (Capo 4) - DAD Tuning
Welcome To Annwfn - DAD Tuning

Customer Reviews

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Dana Corby

Deborah “D.J.” Hamouris and I both got swept up in the California dulcimer revival of the 1970s. And while I left California and went a different direction, she stayed in the Bay Area with its nurturing folk music community, involved with and for some time living in the mingled music/arts/Pagan semi-commune called Annwfn. Over the years she has performed, written, and even directed some amazing dulcimer music, much of it captured on seven albums, the latest of which, “1 In 8” she wrote and recorded with collaborator Mimi Fox to celebrate her passage through breast cancer and in honor of all the women – one in eight – who get it.

Indian Summer is a music book, but so much more. It’s a distillation of the life of a musician. Sure, it has both standard musical notation and dulcimer tablature for 23 songs plus – this is so cool! – links to recordings of most of them you can listen to or download. What a great way to learn the songs if like me you can read the tablature but not the musical notation, or even if you play only by ear. Or if you read music but want to learn the nuances of Deborah’s version. But it also has several short essays – what they used to call “think pieces,” accompanied by photos, with such titles as “On Being a Late Bloomer” and “10 Practice Tips” (very good, those!) and “On Practice.” My favorite is “On Messing Around,” Deborah’s thoughts on the process of composing music. There are a few bugs in my copy, things only a perfectionistic writer like me would notice, but I'm assured they've been addressed in later printings.

Indian Summer is a lovely to addition the libraries of lovers of folk music, especially dulcimer music, whether or not you play. It took me back to a happier, gentler time in my life.
Thanks, D.J.!

Dana Corby 2/7/2020
I was given a copy of Indian Summer by the author. The fact that it was a gift has not influenced my opinion.

Kate Harper
More than just the melody string

I like this book because some songs use the middle and bass strings for the melody. Also some of the duets have complex harmony parts -- and are not just written to be a melody back-up.