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Carol Walker - Melodies Of St. Kilda: Traditional Scottish Melodies As Remembered By Trevor Morrison

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Trevor Morrison, a frail resident of a care home in Edinburgh, Scotland, sits down at the out-of-tune piano in the dining room and begins playing a few haunting songs that no one's ever heard before.  Turns out he'd learned them 60 years earlier from his piano teacher who had once lived on St. Kilda.  He asks Stuart McKenzie, a local IT consultant who is part of a volunteer organization that helps elderly citizens navigate their way through a computer, "Can these things record music?"  Thus begins an amazing series of events that have led from Trevor's piano to Carol's dulcimer.  All the details of this incredible "six-degrees-of-separation" tale are laid out in this newest book.

40 pages.
Songs included:

Dun - DAD Tuning
Soay - DAD Tuning
Boreray - DAD Tuning - Capo 3
Hirta - DAD Tuning - Capo 1
Stac Dona - DAD Tuning
Stac An Armin - DF#A Tuning
Stac Lee - DAD Tuning
Stac Levenish - DAD Tuning
Memories - DAD Tuning - Capo 1

Customer Reviews

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A Masterpiece

This book is a magical work of art. The beautiful songs will transport you to a different place. After playing just one song I can really notice a difference in how calm and relaxed I feel. I also purchased the CD, and it is lovely background music at home. Highly recommended!