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Butch Ross - Songs For Work And Play

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Butch Ross is an amazing technical performer that also has a ton of expressive musicality in his performances. In this awesome book, Butch has given us both easy (for normal people) and "not-so-easy" (for folks that want a challenge!) versions of some great, traditional songs. Beginners, get this book for the easy versions, and as you develop your skills, start working on the harder arrangements. Advanced players? Jump right in, and you'll sound like Butch in no time!

79 pages.

Songs included:

Cluck Old Hen (Easy Version) - (Capo 4) - DAD Tuning
Cluck Old Hen (Not-So-Easy Version) - (Capo 4) - DAD Tuning
Old Joe Clark (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Old Joe Clark (Not-So-Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Soldier’s Joy (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Soldier’s Joy (Not-So-Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Barlow Knife (Easy Version) - (Capo 3) - DAD Tuning
Barlow Knife (Not-So-Version) - (Capo 3) - DAD Tuning
Winderslide (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Winderslide (Not-So-Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Old Yellow Dog (Easy Version) - (Capo 4) - DAD Tuning
Old Yellow Dog (Not-So-Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Cumberland Gap (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Cumberland Gap (Not-So-Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Booth Shot Lincoln (Easy Version) - (Capo 4) - DAD Tuning
Booth Shot Lincoln (Not-So-Easy Version) - (Capo 3) - DAD Tuning
Hangman’s Reel (Easy Version) - (Capo 4) - DAD Tuning
Hangman’s Reel (Not-So-Easy Version) - (Capo 4) - DAD Tuning
Kitchen Girl (Easy Version) - (Capo 4) - DAD Tuning
Kitchen Girl (Not-So-Easy Version) - (Capo 4) - DAD Tuning
Sandy River Belle (Easy Version) - (Capo 3) - DAD Tuning
Sandy River Belle (Not-So-Easy Version) - (Capo 3) - DAD Tuning
Hard Times (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Hard Times (Not-So-Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Arkansas Traveller (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Arkansas Traveller (Not-So-Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Camp Meeting On The 4th Of July (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Camp Meeting On The 4th Of July (Not-So-Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Turkey In The Straw (Easy Version) - DAD Tuning
Turkey In The Straw (Not-So-Easy Version) - (Capo 3) - DAD Tuning

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