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Folkcraft® Quick-Release 1" Wide Dulcimer/Ukulele Strap, Brown

Item Number 2310435

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Our stylish 1" wide nylon straps are a full 55" long when fully extended. They are designed to securely hold your instrument while you're making music. We've installed a quick release buckle at both ends of the strap, so you can leave the leather tabs installed on your instrument, even when it is in your case.
These straps are handmade in the Folkcraft workshop in Woodburn, Indiana. We use a durable webbing (strap material), heavyweight leather tabs (for long life without stretching out of shape), and the best plastic quick-release buckles on the market.

Do you have an instrument with no strap buttons (or with just one strap button)? It's easy to install your own strap buttons. Here's a video that shows you how!

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Deb S.
1" Wide Dulcimer Strap

I love this strap. I ordered it because I needed to switch between the guitar and the dulcimer for a church performance. It was really easy to fasten and unfasten the strap. I highly recommend it!

Caleb Morris
Excellent Strap

This has come in handy transporting my dulcimer and for keeping it on my lap. The 1” strap is low profile, so I can focus on playing and not fighting with the strap.

Glenn Morrell
Quick release 1" strap is great

I don't always use a strap on my dulcimers, but when I do the 1" quick release is what I go to. It is easy to hook on and the 1" is enough for stability. The old 2" non quick release strap I used before is now in a box somewhere.

Clarence Clark (clarcl_53)
Great, high-quality strap!

I was very pleased with this purchase. It's just right for my new baritone ukulele. The quick-release is handy for unwinding the strap without having to detach it from the buttons. That being said, I offer, not as a criticism (since I knew this might be an issue based on the product image) the following observation and suggestion: The plastic quick-release piece at the bottom of my uke may rub against the finish of the bottom/side of the instrument. I was able to utilize a separate, leather piece that fits around the end nicely as a buffer. Perhaps you could offer something similar in the future. Thank you for the high-quality strap!

Quick Release Strap

Love this strap and it is just the right size for my smaller dulcimer. Very happy with it.