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Bing Futch - Mountain Dulcimer In The Band, Book 6 (Celtic)

Item Number 1310077

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We are pleased to offer you book number 6 (yes, six!) from the best-selling series "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band". From the repertoire of the incredible Bing Futch, these Celtic songs run the gamut of styles, from "Danny Boy" to "Muckin' In Geordie's Byer".

We've included two CDs with this book - one CD has Bing playing with an accompaniment track, and the other CD has just the accompaniment track minus the solo dulcimer part. Use the first CD to help learn the tunes, and use the second CD for your own performances.

The "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band" books are considered "standard literature" in the dulcimer community - be sure to add all six of them to your collection!

41 pages.

Songs included:

The Black Velvet Band - DAD Tuning
The Galway Shawl - DAD Tuning
Loch Lomond - DAD Tuning
Kesh Jig - DAD Tuning
The Star Of The County Down - DAD Tuning
Muckin' In Geordie's Byer - DAD Tuning
The Black Nag - DAD Tuning
Planxty Fanny Po'er - DAD Tuning
The Irish Washerwoman - DGD Tuning
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye - DAD Tuning
The Maid Behind The Bar - DAD Tuning
The Tenpenny Bit - DGD Tuning
Danny Boy - DAD Tuning
Si Bheag, Si Mhor - DAD Tuning
The Wild Rover - DAD Tuning
Fisher's Hornpipe - DAD Tuning

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