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Bing Futch - Mountain Dulcimer In The Band, Book 8

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With some of the best traditional tunes ever written, Bing Futch's "Book 8" in the Mountain Dulcimer In The Band series is sure to hit that old-timey spot. 

We've included two CDs with this book - one CD has Bing playing with an accompaniment track, and the other CD has just the accompaniment track minus the solo dulcimer part. Use the first CD to help learn the tunes, and use the second CD for your own performances.

The "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band" books are considered "standard literature" in the dulcimer community - be sure to add all eight of them to your collection!

39 pages.

Songs included:

Liberty - DAD Tuning
Camptown Races - DAD Tuning, Capo 4
Shaving A Dead Man - DAD Tuning
Keep On The Sunny Side - DAD Tuning
Hawaiian War Chant - DAD Tuning
Simple Gifts - DAD Tuning
I'll Fly Away - DAD Tuning, Capo 3
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss - DAD Tuning
Coleman's March - DAD Tuning
Mountain Dew - DAD Tuning, Composed by Bascom Lamar Lunsford And Scotty Wiseman
Wild Mountain Thyme - DAD Tuning
John Ryan's Polka - DAD Tuning
Nail That Catfish To A Tree - DAD Tuning, Capo 3
Waterbound - DAD Tuning
Tater Patch - DAD Tuning
Hard Times - DAD Tuning

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