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Bill Collins - Come Life, Shaker Life

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Fifty Shaker tunes arranged for Appalachian Dulcimer
Mostly DAd tuning with some in DGd and DAc. With lyrics and descriptions separate from tablature.

76 pages.

Songs included:

Mother Ann's Song No. 1 - Ann Lee - DAC Tuning
Mother Ann's Song No. 2 - Ann Lee - Capo 4, DAD Tuning
Father James's Song - James Whittaker - DAD Tuning
Solemn Song No. 11 - Capo 1, DGD Tuning
Solemn Song No. 17 - DAD Tuning
Mother's Love Is Like An Ocean - Asenarth Wilhite - Capo 1, DGD Tuning
Lovely Love - Eunice Wyeth - DAD Tuning
The Rolling Deep - Polly Lawrence - DGD Tuning
Faithful Soldiers Travel On - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
I Never Did Believe - Betsy Bates - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Dance No. 1 - Capo 1, DGD Tuning
Dance No. 2 - DAD Tuning
March No. 14 - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
What Joy And Comfort - Capo 3, DAD Tuning
How My Soul Is Now Delighted - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Love Is Little - DAD Tuning
The Burning Day - John Lockwood - Capo 3, DAD Tuning
Come Life, Shaker Life - Issachar Bates - Capo 4, DAD Tuning
The Precious Jewel - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
On Zion's Holy Ground - DAD Tuning
My Carnal Life I Will Lay Down - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Sweep As I Go - Abraham Perkins - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Encouragement - DAD Tuning
Mother's Pretty Dove - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
The Ancient's Song Of Mourning - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Fall On The Rock - Capo 4, DAD Tuning
Mother's Tongue (With A New Tongue) - D.A. Burkingham - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Love O Love - John Robe - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Who Will Bow And Bend Like The Willow - DAD Tuning
He Haw Tallabo Tallabo - DGD Tuning
Simple Gifts - DAD Tuning
Deep Love (I Love Mother) - Capo 1, DGD Tuning
O The Beautiful Treasures - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Now, My Near Companions - DAD Tuning
Purity - Alonzo Gilman - Capo 3, DAD Tuning
Living Souls, Let's Be Marching - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Farewell Earthly Joys - Capo 1, DGD Tuning
Little Children - Capo 4, DAD Tuning
I'll Spend And Be Spent - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Angel Invitation - DAD Tuning
Love, More Love - Capo 3, DAD Tuning
Let Me Have Mother's Gospel - DAD Tuning
Star Of Purity (O Brighter Than The Morning Star) - Capo 3, DAD Tuning
The Angel Reapers - Capo 3, DAD Tuning
I Will Walk With My Children - DAD Tuning
O Give Me A Little Love - DGD Tuning
We Must Be Meek - Capo 1, DAD Tuning
Mother Has Come With Her Beautiful Song - Paulina Springer - DAD Tuning
Light - Capo 4, DAD Tuning
Standard-Bearers (Lion-Hearted, Brave And True) - DAD Tuning

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Julie Cross
Quality Arrangements of Early Americana

This book is full of great arrangements at a reasonable price. (30 cents a song!!!) I love collecting Early American folk music, especially sacred songs. The tablature is very well-done, suitable for an intermediate-level player. I enjoy the tunes that employ the DGD tuning for a different modal feel. Definitely worth the $15!

Melanie Johnston
Come Life Shaker Life

Excellent value! This book has 50 tunes. Some familiar and many new. A terrific addition to my dulcimer music library.