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Aubrey Atwater - Song By Song, Vol. I

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Discover the delightful world of old-timey string music with Aubrey Atwater's "Song By Song, Vol. I"! This book gives you a BUNCH old-time favorites for mountain dulcimer, banjo, whistle, guitar and voice. Get ready to be transported to a magical place of soulful tunes and timeless melodies - no shifty-eye-ing allowed! With its unique blend of humor and talent, this book will make you feel like you're strumming along with Aubrey herself. You ain't seen nothin' yet - so get pickin' and grinnin'!

126 pages.

Songs included:

Mountain Dulcimer
Little Birdie - DAD Tuning
The Riddle Song - DAC Tuning
Go Tell Aunt Rhodie - DAD Tuning
Five Hundred Miles - DAD Tuning
Someone To Love Me - DAD Tuning
Four Marys - DAD Tuning
Lark In The Morning - DAD Tuning
Love Is Little - DAD Tuning
The Willow Tree - DAD Tuning
My Love - DAD Tuning
The Trees They Do Grow High - DAD Tuning
Omie Wise - DAD Tuning
Angel Gabriel - DACC Tuning
The Golden Vanity - DADD Tuning
She Sits At Her Loom - DAFF Tuning
Forked Deer - DAD Tuning
Hound Dog Song - DAD Tuning
Cripple Creek - DAD Tuning
Buffalo Gals - DAD Tuning
Old Joe Clark - DAD Tuning
Silver Foxes - DAD Tuning
Pretty Saro - DAA Tuning
Dona Nobis Pacem - DAA Tuning
Scotland The Brave - AAA Tuning
When I Was A Fair Maid - DAA Tuning
The Wagoner's Lad - DAA Tuning
Skin And Bones - DAC Tuning
Dabbling In The Dew - DAC Tuning
Shady Grove - DAG Tuning
The Cuckoo - DAFF Tuning
My Little Doney Gal - DGD Tuning
Kerry Polka - DAD Tuning
Soldier's Joy - DAD Tuning
Arkansas Traveler - DAD Tuning
Turkey In The Straw - DAD Tuning
Harvest Home - DAD Tuning
Kinlock Of Kinlock - DAD Tuning
Spotted Pony - DAD Tuning
Liberty - DAD Tuning
Banjo Pickin' Girl - Lyrics And Chord Symbols Only
Froggie Went A-Courtin' - Lyrics And Chord Symbols Only
Tom Dooley - Lyrics And Chord Symbols Only
Waterbound - Lyrics And Chord Symbols Only

Old-Time Banjo
Banjo Pickin' Girl (G Tuning)
Buffalo Gals (G Tuning)
Cripple Creek (G Tuning)
Four Nights Drunk (G Tuning)
Groundhog (G Tuning)
June Apple (G Tuning)
Train On The Island (G Tuning)
Old Joe Clark (G Tuning)
Red Haired Boy (G Tuning)
Tennessee Breakdown (G Tuning)
When I Go To West Virginia (G Tuning)
Whoopee Liza (G Tuning)
Cluck Old Hen (G Modal Tuning)
East Virginia (G Modal Tuning)
Pretty Polly (G Modal Tuning)
My Little Doney Gal (G Modal Tuning)
Shady Grove (I) (G Modal Tuning)
Shady Grove (II) (G Modal Tuning)
Red Rockin' Chair (G Modal Tuning)
White Oak Mountain (G Modal Tuning)
Granny Will Your Dog Bite? (Double C Tuning)
The Fox (Double C Tuning)
While Roving On A Winter's Night (Double C Tuning)
The Prodigal Son (C Minor Tuning)

Irish Tin Whistle
Kerry Polka
Ballydesmond Polka
Imagine Peace
Star Of The County Down
Harvest Home
Kinlock Of Kinlock
Scotland The Brave
Soldier's Joy
Spotted Pony
Turkey In The Straw
Arkansas Traveller

Any Instrument - Songs With Lyrics And Chord Symbols
Barb'ry Ellen
Go Dig My Grave
The Rolling Of The Stones
Two Sisters
Anachie Gordon
Bogie's Bonnie Belle
Willie O' Winsbury
The Cherry Tree Carol
Devil & The Farmer's Wife
The Golden Glove
Bright Morning Stars
Broom Of The Cowdenknowes
Early One Morning
Hey Ho, Nobody Home/Ah Poor Bird/Rose, Rose
I Wonder When I Shall Be Married
Love And Freedom
One I Love
One Morning In May
Parting Friends
Shule Aroon
We'll Camp A Little While In The Wilderness

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