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Aaron O'Rourke - Secrets To Successful Flatpicking

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"Secrets To Successful Flatpicking" is a mountain dulcimer players’ guide to flatpicking technique, exercises, and playing awesome tunes on the dulcimer. Master picker Aaron O'Rourke provides exercises and practical applications to help strengthen your flatpicking prowess.

This amazing flatpicking technique book includes free downloadable audio files that you can use to teach your ear how the tunes and exercises should sound. Here's a link to the page with the audio files.

This book of flatpicking exercises is published by Folkcraft® Instruments, under the Fingers Of Steel® imprint.

45 pages.

Songs included:

Shortnin' Bread - DAD Tuning
Liza Jane - DAD Tuning
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss - DAD Tuning
Grey Cat On A Tennessee Farm - DAD Tuning
Rock The Cradle Joe - DAD Tuning
Soldier's Joy - DAD Tuning
St. Anne's Reel - DAD Tuning
Forked Deer - DAD Tuning
Turkey In The Straw - DAD Tuning
Oh, Susannah - DAD Tuning
Dry And Dusty - DAD Tuning
Cripple Creek - DAD Tuning
Killavil - DAD Tuning
Midnight On The Water - DAD Tuning
Spotted Pony - DAD Tuning
Wildwood Flower - DAD Tuning
Arkansas Traveler - DAD Tuning
Whiskey Before Breakfast - DAD Tuning
Bill Cheatum - DAD Tuning
Angelina Baker - DAD Tuning
Stoney Steps - DAD Tuning

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jerry Hundley
Great Book

Very helpful information. Great examples and explanations.

Owen Lewis
Flat picking

Very helpful, the gave you a lot of good picking techniques

Gil Martin

Usefulness is limited when you're playing a chromatic instrument

Keith Keener
Flatpicking Tips from the Best

Aaron O'Rourke's flatpicking skills mark him as the most technically skilled Mountain Dulcimer player around today. The tips in this book show how he got there. Of special value is his concern for explaining not only the "what" of technique, but also the "why." The descriptions are especially useful for beginners working on building their flatpicking skills, and the numerous examples and exercises will help more advanced players hone their skills.

Patricia Morrison

Aaron O'Rourke - Secrets To Successful Flatpicking