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Folkcraft® Plain Steel Strings, Ball Ends, Pack Of Twelve, .013

Item Number 2310087

Regular price $9.00

Each of these strings is plain with a ball end. Each set comes with 12 strings.

This particular string is .013" (13/1000 of one inch) in diameter, and is sometimes called .013PS (Plain Steel). Each string is 41 inches (41") long.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
J Roberts
Best Strings

I always use these strings. High quality, and consistent performance.

LINDSAY Robinson
Can’t beat ‘em

Being able to buy a dozen strings of whatever gauge I want is such an improvement over buying sets of strings. I have four dulcimers with different VSLs both ball end and loop end and now I always have the right string readily at hand. And of course the quality of the strings is excellent. Couldn’t be happier.

Arthur C.
Folkcraft® Plain Steel Strings, Ball Ends, Pack Of Twelve

Excellent quality as you always expect from Folkcraft. These strings leave nothing to be desired.

Chuck D
Top quality hammer dulcimer strings

These are one of the best sets of hammer dulcimer strings I ever purchased for my Green River 12/11 HD. The quality is outstanding, the price extremely reasonable, and the shipping very fast. I would definitely not hesitate to purchase all my HD string sets from Folkcraft!

Lori L
Pack of 12 .016 strings

This packahe of 12 strings will be so handy to have. No more cannibalizing full sets of guitar or mandolin strings for those pesky .016s for middle strings on my dulcimers. They're nice and shiny and well sealed in a zip lock, and I'll stick that bag in another zip lock. Then into a plastic container with a tight lid. They should be good and fresh for a long time!